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The Zucco Family

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Welcome to our family homepage. We have new pictures of the girls at Halloween and of Zoë's first soccer season. You can email us at...

Here are Zoë and Bonnie with Santa Claus. The girls are very excited about the holidays this year. They have been helping decorate the tree and the house. This year, the girls have roller skates at the top of their "wish list".
Click on the links below to see pictures of our family and friends.
  1. A Day at the Park
  2. Christmas 1999
  3. New Years Eve 1999
  4. San Diego Day Trip
  5. Baby Bonnie Turns 3!
  6. Egg Hunt 2000 at the Zucco House
  7. WLS First Year's Celebrate!
  8. Zoë's 5th Birthday Party
  9. Kelly's Birthday Dinner
  10. Zoë's First Day of School
  11. Zoë's First AYSO Soccer Season
  12. Halloween 2000