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Tenchi's Anime House


  • Last Updated September 5th

  • hey yo! i apologize to everyone for not updating this place for such a long time. i've been very busy and was away in H.K. for the summer. Since i'm back, i'll do a much updating as i can for both sites o' mine. Right now i just signed up for a new Top 100, you'll see it on the bottom somewhere down there. It's very interesting so check it out when you have time. bye for now

    My Tenchi movie

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    The Other Pages

    Tenchi's photo alblum
    Aeka's picture alblum(just another picture book)
    Ryo-Ohki's mp3
    Ryoko's chat
    Vote for your favorite female character
    Character info
    Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 basic story and pics
    Some of my drawings
    Ryo-ohki's episode guide
    My prized awards
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