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Lesson of the Month

December 1999

Glen Doyle teaches at
Céad Bua Fighting Arts Centre
in Milton, Ontario

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Smiling: The Human Rattlesnake Effect
By Sifu Glen Doyle

This ideal was more from my father's way of fighting (boxing, jiu jitsu, and Uisce Beatha Bata Rince), but it fits so well into any martial art training sequence.

In the martial art world you will meet every type of character. They all will be in different stages of fighting prowess, and these unique stages will also be influenced by character and personality.

In my travels, I'll always meet the martial artists that question their own ability. I can tell these people by the way they carry themselves in a conversation in their first meeting with me.

Martial artists who question themselves will talk of huge tales of combat, name drop, and of course show you every technique they know (whether or not the conversation even eluded to it).

Now, to an inexperienced martial artist these actions would be construed as challenging... but they aren't. The martial artist in question is just building up their own self worth through physical demonstration or verbal boasting.

I take my dad's advice on all matters with regards to this behaviour. No matter what the person does, or says, or brags about I just smile and nod... let them have their moment. If they are aggressive, then that's a different story and they should be dealt with 'BANG' no hesitation or warning. But most times they're giving you their Wizard of Oz dog and pony show... let them have their day. Just keep smiling, joke and have fun. Because when everyone gets used to that, when the 'real deal' goes down and you stop smiling, people will sit up and take notice... just like a rattlesnake warning you about his location.

Please be aware...Many people are not as confident as they may try to make themselves out to be... but they are relatively innocent. The only thing that makes them dangerous is if you react to them in a violent manner.

Please have a safe holiday -- and bring in the new year with a smile!


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