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Rear Mounted Starter

In mocking up the Corvair engine in front of the firewall,  it became apparent that Jon's and William's rear starter is physically much too large for the Q2.  So I'm developing my own.

STARTALT.JPG (59568 bytes)

All 3 pieces:  Starter and ring gear are from a Ford Probe 2.2L and the alternator is from a Chevy Sprint

ALT.JPG (53855 bytes)

I polished the alternator,   and painted the regulator cover.
  It's my understanding that this unit is good for 60 amps.   

STARTER.JPG (51408 bytes)

Very small starter.

RINGGEAR.JPG (64790 bytes)

11" ring gear

BALANCER.JPG (72396 bytes)

Facing the harmonic balancer.

REARCOVR.JPG (73640 bytes)

The studs holding the rear cover in place need to be removed or cut,   and the case cut back as well.  I chose to remove my studs,  but you can see here how much of the case I had to remove.

BALANCR2.JPG (81592 bytes)

Harmonic balancer in place,  studs removed.

LATHE1.JPG (47720 bytes)

I found that if I ran a threaded rod through the lathe and nutted it at both ends,  I eliminated the chatter I was experiencing.  This image shows the threaded rod through the puck.

LATHE2.JPG (66755 bytes)

...And this shot shows the other end of the rod and how it runs all the way through the arbor.

PUCK.JPG (72912 bytes)

Here's the puck installed.  It's a press fit into the harmonic balancer.
  I'll be drilling holes through the squash plate,  to align with 1/2 of the holes in the ring gear,  into new holes tapped in the spokes of the harmonic balancer.

RINGEAR1.JPG (75305 bytes)
The ring gear is pressed on to the boss turned into the puck
A combination squash plate / alternator pulley will be machined and through-bolted to the harmonic balancer spokes.

CLERANCE.JPG (74796 bytes)

Here's the clearance between the back side of the teeth and the oil pump.

DONE.JPG (84829 bytes)

Here's the alternator mounted up.  I needed it mounted to design the pulley.
The bolt holding the ring gear in place is temporary.

DONE2.JPG (68363 bytes)

The bracket is temporarily mounted with 1 bolt.  It'll become part of the starter mount,  probably the way Jon Crawford did his.  It'll also be relieved on the under side for the oil circuitry.


New Stuff as of 4/30/00

The Starter is installed

STARTER2.JPG (67562 bytes)


STARTER3.JPG (75326 bytes)


STARTER4.JPG (75709 bytes)


STARTER5.JPG (76958 bytes)



New Stuff as of 7/23/00

Now that it's been basically done for several weeks,   I've had time to re-think everything.

The last part to machine would be the alternator pulley which rides on the crank.  In order to squeeze this 6 cylinder engine in the Q's engine compartment which barely held a 4 cylinder engine,  I have to recess the rear of the engine through the firewall.  Since the alternator pulley is the last part installed,   and since the rear of the engine would be recessed,  this meant that the alternator belt would be inaccessible. 

So I redesigned the setup.  I moved the alternator up and forward to align with the harmonic balancer.  This also reduced the parts count which I think is a good thing.

NEWALT1.JPG (78172 bytes)

Here you can see that the alternator is now located above the head,   and in line w/ the harmonic balancer.

NEWALT7.JPG (69594 bytes)

The starter bracket is made from angle stock and bolted to the rear housing,  through alternator bracket. 

NEWALT5.JPG (81290 bytes)

This is the test fitting of the starter.  Notice the notch in the starter's snout.  Later I removed more of this material,  but I was very conservative at first.  There is also an attachment "ear" sticking up which gets removed in the next image

NEWALT11.JPG (83381 bytes)

The red arrow shows where an attachment "ear" use to live before I took my grinder to it.

NEWALT9.JPG (85018 bytes)

This shows the starter's close approximately to the distributor.

NEWALT12.JPG (82370 bytes)

This shows that the starter has been moved to the other side of center,   closer to the distributor.  In doing so,  I had to remove some material from the snout so I would not have to rotate the starter,  making for a higher profile.

NEWALT2.JPG (80785 bytes)

Another view of the alternator's new location.

NEWALT3.JPG (73230 bytes)

Here you can se that there is not much room between the top of the engine and the underside of the cowl.



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