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Poems by Ann, Page 01

My Marine

You are the man that I truely love
I send mine to you on a snow white dove
You are the reason I live my life
through all the troubles and strife
Though you are far away
in my heart your love will always stay
As I lay at night and look at the sky
your strength is what helps me to get by
The power of your love is what gets me through
only to you does my heart sing true
For you my Marine I will always be here
my heart will forever keep you near
Please keep your self from all harm
and return to my open and waiting arms

© December 04, 2000 by Ann

A Circle of Love

I give to you this day a band of gold
within it you have my heart to hold
you came to tell me you had to go
it was such a heart wrenching blow
I cried so hard no please not this day
you had no choice is all you could say
here we are on our wedding day
the letter said you could not stay
I watched as you marched off to drums
my heart pounding as I wanted to run
I cried a thousand tears that day
to bring you home safe is all I pray

I would like to dedicate this poem to
Bjorn Berjeson
who was lost in the vietnam war
and was engaged to a very dear friend
of mine, and to all those who left wives
and loved ones behind.

© December 05, 2000 by Ann

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