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Poems by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer,
Page 5


This world is full of wonders.
If we only look we find this is true.
Man's destiny follows many pathways,
Some doomed to fa ilure from start.
Search inside yourself and start over,
Learn from the mistake you make.
Push away all the fears of the unknown.
Yesterday is gone forever
You can't do it over again.
Each day you can make a new start.
Tomorrow will seem brighter.
You can't live other's lives for them.
All have problems to shoulder
Everyone must bear their own,
If You want you can share burdens,
Helping to lighten their load.
Show others the glory of sunshine,
Wonders of this world you have found.
Give a little of yourself each.,day.
You will grow in beauty and grace this way.

by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer (1922 - 1993)
1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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