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Though We Have Never Met, You Know Me

Yes, I am like every man you have ever known.

Because of this, You can see.

I am different than all of them, in each and every way.

You Fear Me.

I reach out and take from you the pain you have to give.

You are woman, Yes I Come To Touch you, To heal,

Yet, You resist, fearful of the release.

As my fingers caress your velvet skin,

I feel your spirit and it's need.

I enter you and soothe the burning fires inside.

I teach you the meaning of freedom within

You teach me the meaning of Life.

Love is Born once more. God is Served.

And I take memory of you with me forever

And we journey towards eternity.

I gather all my Loves at the end of time.

And together we will stand before God,

His warriors, His people, As His Children

We join Him, past the barriers of Time.

We have returned, We are Home.

We Live Eternal Life.

© January 19, 2000 by Robert Michael Beamer

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