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There Is Love
And Then
There is Love

" Women be Warned!!! "

Ever hear the song that says:

When A Man Loves A Woman
She Can Do No Wrong.

This is true, in most respects.

She can be hateful,
She can fall in love and have affairs,
She can run him broke,
She can get away with most anything
And It Be Forgotten and Forgiven.

There is Something though,
that she must NEVER NEVER do.

She Must Never Tell another
of her man's intimate life.
(His Wants, His Desires, His innermost Self)

He has trusted her
with knowing him as no other.

If she reveals or tells another
No matter who they may be,
of his desires,
of his needs
of his fantasies,
and his most intimate nature.
Then, He dare not ever
let her be that close to him again.

It can be forgiven but never forgotten.

He can love her;
But: He can never again allow
her any further intimate knowledge of him.

He can never again feel
safe with her in an intimate and loving way.

For, with once she has exposed him in this way,
she has committed the ultimate betrayal.
She may Love him, it does not matter.
She is still proven to be forever his enemy.

Once done,
he knows
she is capable
of doing it again.

So be warned
Some things
Should never be said
Not if you want your man
to give his love
to share your bed.

once done,
the only way it can be undone
is if she is able to give
of herself to her man
as much as she revealed of him to others
So that he can be sure she will
never do it again.

She must learn to be a woman
and learn to submit
(As is natural for a woman to do)
intimately to her man's desires.

Allowing him to humble himself before her
(As is natural for a man to do)
For Her Delight

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