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Help Neglected, Abused or Homeless Pets Find A Home

The classified link below allows anyone to post a description as well as a photo, email address and website of a homeless pet. Please look through the advertisements and consider taking in one of these pets.

If you are unable to take in a pet please consider helping out an organization dedicated to helping unwanted pets.

Bingo, for example, is a 1 year old puppy who was doused with chemicals and set on fire. He suffered burns over more than 40% of his body. His medical bills are growing and he needs help. If you would like to help Bingo and other dogs in similar situations, send donations to:

Bingo c/o ARF
P.O. Box 30215
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Rat Terriers From Logan Lane also supports The Petopian Magazine. The Petopian is a free publication that supports pets rights. It is published in the San Francisco area by Branko Ronano. The president of the magazine is Tony La Russa from ARF and Manager of the ST. Louis Cardinals.

"The Petopian supports In Defense of Animals'  'They are not our property' campaign. By replacing the terms such as 'owner' with 'friend, caretaker, guardian etc.' we recognize animals as individuals, with their own wants, needs and rights. After all they are not our property, they are our friends. Please consider replacing the term 'pet owner' and help us shape a better future for our companion animals." (Petopian July/August 1999)

For a copy of The Petopian contact them at PO Box 8245 Emeryville, CA 94662.Visit their web page at :

The Rat Terrier Recsue Ads.

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