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Welcome to the wonderful world of Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy.

Therapy Dogs USA is an email discussion list
devoted to the exchange of information and ideas
related to AAA/AAT.

If you are a newcomer to the field or a seasoned veteran
we would love to meet you.

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Therapy Dogs Canada is an email discussion list dedicated
to Therapy Dog (Animal Assisted Therapy) in Canada.
It is designed to be a forum for the exchange of information,
stories and an aid for those interested in becoming
part of a Therapy Dog Team. Although the emphasis of this list
is on activities in Canada, we invite people from other countries
to join in and share experiences with us.

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Visit our "Dogs In Action" page
to see therapy dogs doing what they love.

Our "Memorial" page is
devoted to our angel therapy dogs,
never to be forgotten.

Our "Links" page is filled with information.

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