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Estic RidgeWalker has been reading books for nearly forty years. He enjoys many genres and styles, but finds himself returning over and over again to the worlds of fantasy, where the edges of possibility remain limitless. He is an author, as well, having dipped his quill into the realms of historical fiction, science fiction, young adult fiction, and fantasy.

In his Commandant role, Estic has risen through the ranks of the military but prefers more of a loner lifestyle. He doesn't care for the bureaucracy of the military and the accompanying nonsense. He prefers the "lone-wolf" approach, and doesn't like to be tied down, so has become more of a free-spirited ranger type. His command of the TopDragon Corps is loose and yet the members of the Corps have extreme loyalty and respect for him based on his past experience and his approach to leadership. He is a bit of a restless spirit and only has agreed to command the Corps due to his own loyalty to the nation he serves and toward the members of the Corps who, he feels, have made the ultimate commitment.

Few aspects of mundane life have escaped his experience. He has served in the US Air Force for twelve years, been employed as a management consultant, worked as a paperboy, raised tropical fish, sold computers for a living, and performed for centuries in the retail sector. His hobbies are an eclectic blend of model railroading, reading, stamp collecting, reading, travel, playing computer simulations and games, reading, and family activities. Writing has been a passion for Estic ever since his grandmother first set him down at a manual typewriter and showed him how to copy "The Tales of Peter Rabbit" on to paper. It was later that same day when he realized he could make up his own stories and thus the journey began. The written word has truly become a passion in his life.

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