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Royale Garden Dixieland Band

Southern Jazz Band

The Royale Garden Dixieland Band had its public debut on January 5, 1997 at the New Orleans Jazz Club of Southern California.  They are one of the “house bands” of the Society for the Preservation of Dixieland Jazz.  Since their debut, they have played all over Southern California from Temecula to Ventura and from Seal Beach to San Bernardino for parties, grand openings, concerts in the park, at the jazz clubs.  They have been variously described as a cross between Bourbon Street and a Las Vegas lounge, but invariably referred to as the band that makes the audience happy. 
They play not only the traditional jazz of the early 20th century but also many of the popular tunes of the 1920’s & 30’s.  You are always guaranteed a fun time when they perform. 
The band is a seven-piece band playing the traditional jazz of the early twentieth century.  They are in great demand for private parties, civic events, high school graduations, weddings, and as feature band for various jazz clubs.  The band is heavily influenced by the recordings of Lu Watters, a major player in the west coast revival of New Orleans jazz, but creates its own unique sound sure to set faces smiling and the toes a-tappin’.   You may hear some of the old familiar songs in their program, but you will also likely hear some of the less frequently heard classic jazz.
The Royale Garden Dixieland Band is one of the representative bands of the Covina based Society for the Preservation of Dixieland Jazz which meets monthly at the Pyramid Room of the Covina Bowling Alley. 
As you listen, be aware that one of the band’s stated missions is to correct composer errors.  As a result, you may not hear songs played the way other bands play them.  The reason for that is that they simply play songs the way the composer wrote them.   The Royale Garden Dixieland Band plays music they way it should have been written.  So sit back and listen to music the way the composers wish they had written it.


The band includes:

  • Reeds - Rocky Midyett
  • Trombone - Bob Waner
  • Keyboard - Frank Greco
  • Bass - Rudy Eleff (on disabled list)
  • Bass - John Nickels - long term substitute
  • Banjo - Kees DeKluyver
  • Drums - Paul Goldman
  • Cornet/Leader - Alan Shelton

"Nothing but joy and happiness were generated by the Royale Garden Dixieland Band"

. . . Simi Valley Jazz Club

"The Royale Garden Dixieland Band gave us a great show, one that got a warm reception, including a standing ovation from many of those attending." "They've arrived!"

. . . Richard Craven, Society for the Preservation of Dixieland Jazz.

"These performers are as much fun to watch as they are to listen to! The next time they perform at Rico Coffee you HAVE to come. They played to a packed house on Friday, October 8th. If you weren't there, you were surely square. Thanks guys. We love 'ya!"


The four piece Southern Jazz Band is an outgrowth of the Royale Garden Dixieland Band.  Their music will be a soft version of traditional jazz from the turn of the century to the early 1930's.  With a cornet, clarinet, banjo and string bass, they are able to capture to flavor of relaxing at the end of the day with just enough bounce to enhance your mood without the often strident texture of the traditional full traditional jazz band.  They debuted at the Doubletree Inn, 555 West Foothill Boulevard in Claremont commencing December 13, 2006 and will appear every Wednesday thereafter from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. .