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Station 77

the home of

Rescue 77

The Unofficial Rescue 77 Home Page

This page is dedicated to the men and women of firefighting and paramedics as well as the stars of WB's supurb television show "Rescue 77".


Rescue 77 is a 3 man rescue team located in Southern California. The department covers a district of the Los Angeles Fire Authority under Captain Durfee.   They use 3 apparatus, one ladder truck, one pumper and one ambulance.

In the nerve-shattering moment between calm and crisis, the brave are born. Heroes like the dedicated paramedics of L.A. Station 77 - the first team on the scene at any major accident and the last hope of the critically injured. The impulsive Michael Bell (Victor Brown, One Life To Live), the rebellious Wick Lobo (Christian Kane, Fame L.A.) and the determined Kathleen Ryan (Marjorie Monaghan, Regarding Henry) are tough veterans who dispense an aggressive brand of emergency care. In their state-of-the-art mobile rescue unit, they tackle any situation, anytime, anywhere. Three devoted friends in it for the pride, the satisfaction, the danger... and each other.   A new pulse-pounding drama from the creator of the hit movie Backdraft, Gregory Widen, ER's Eric Laneuville and Spelling Television.




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The Unofficial Rescue 77 Web Site

Richard Roundtree portrays Captain Durfee
Victor Browne is Paramedic Michael Bell
Christian Kane is Paramedic Wick Lobo
Marjorie Monaghan is Senior Paramedic Kathleen Ryan.