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Check out my buddy Scott's DAT PageIt's also geared towards DATheads, but Scott's recently made the upgrade to cdR

Bob's Phish Tank Phor all yer Phishy needs. I can't thank Bob enuff phor helping me get my page started and giving me the HTML basics!!

Loosey's page

Keep on truckin', at Doodah's page

Check out my buddy Bruce's DATlist

Kaycee's Page o' Fun!

Looking for Handmade Patchwork Clothing and Accessories??Wispywinds

Pete's Page

Tape Trading Resources

Check out this GD site dedicated to GD trading via DAT,CDR,MP3,MD,VHS, and Analog

Tape trading! Get your tapes!

There's also's website available for your trading needs

And don't forget Sugarmegs... for those of you burning MP3's to cdR or DAT.

The Tape List Registry