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My DATlist is now split in half. To view page 2, click here

Randy's DAT list as of 02/12/00

You can reach me
fax (603)804-8343

PLEASE! NO fiber filled packages! That shit gets everywhere including inside my decks! I prefer the bubble-filled mailers.
I've tried and retried Sony DGP tapes, and i am NO LONGER ACCEPTING DGP's in trade!! If you send them to me on a B&P offer, that's fine, but PLEASE do not send them to me in a trade!
I am currently using Maxell HS 4's for mastering my shows as well as trading.

I prefer 90m tapes. Please use a 90m tape if the show will fit or if your equip. is capable of using 90m tapes.
I unpack(FF the NEW tape to the end, then REW back to the beginning of the tape)your tapes prior to cloning, I hope that you do the same : )

I burn in approx. 1 minute of blank at the beginning of the tape. NOTE: it may not be blank for one minute, but the actual show will not start before the 60 second mark!
I clone DIGITALLY and SCMS free!! : )
Decks used: Tascam Dap1, Tascam DA302, Panasonic sv3800

I'll try to let you know about d/o's, digi-noise, or cuts, but I may not have gotten around to noting these imperfections as of trading with you.
I'll give you as much info on the tapes as I can : ))

Currently, my taping rig consists of:
MBHO 603A/KA200->Sound Devices MP2->Tascam DAP1. Excalibur II cabling.

Allman Brothers Band

9.26.97 Shoreline Amphitheatre Daud B.O.B. Akg 414>Dap1 1:38
missing last 18minutes
09.28.97 Hospitality Point Daud BOB Sennhk30/me40>Hhb1000
10.05.97 Mud Isle s>d 90m
03.06.98 The Beacon Daud FOB
07.31.99 The Greek Theatre-LA--MT210>?preamp?>d8-pre TBA

Bela Fleck&The Flecktones
07/03/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>dap1

Bruce Hornsby
04.12.96 Fillmore Auditorium s>d
08.20.96 Westbury Music Center s>dat
10.10.97 Washington & Lee Lexington, VA s>dat
11.06.98 Yoshi's Oakland, CA s>d

Blue Floyd
01/14/00 Sun Theatre-Anaheim,CA--dsbd--90m
01/15/00 The Belly Up Tavern-Solana Beach, CA--dsbd--90m
01/16/00 The Roxy-Hollywood, CA--dsbd--90m

Blues Traveler
05.17.94 Fillmore SF, CA s>dat
12.31.96 MSG sennheiser 20th row

Bob Dylan
05.19.98 San Jose Arena sbd>dat

Bob Dylan/Paul Simon
06.25.99 Coors Amph. Chula Vista, CA--dfob-shoepscmc6Mk41>sx2>d100
07.27.99 MSG-shoeps cmc64>sbm1

Bob Marley
05.24.73 Paris Theatre London, England--preFM>mR>DAT
12.01.73 The Record Plant--Sausalito, CA---preFM>mR>DAT(slight digi first 5 mins)
07.07.75 The Old Waldorf Hotel Ballroom--SF,CA---preFM>mR>DAT
09.18.80 Ahoya Hall Rotterdam, Holland---preFM>mR>DAT
09.23.80 Stanley Theatre Pittburgh, PA.---preFM>mR>DAT

Bobby Llama
07/03/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>dap1

02/07/00 Oakland Coliseum--duad/dfob--Neumann 254(modified tubes)>>dap1--22nd row, just right of center

Cryptical Development

HJK-Oakland, CA
12.29.98 String Cheese Incident--ACOUSTIC--Schoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax sx2>dap1
12.29.98 Hot Tuna-Schoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax SX2>dap1
12.29.98 Ratdog-Schoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax SX2>dap1
12.29.98 Planet Drum-Schoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax SX2>dap1
12.29.98 All Star Jam-Shoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax SX2>dap1
12.29.98 String Cheese Incident--Electric-Shoeps CMC6 Mk41>audio magic>sonosax SX2>dap1

Darol Anger/Mike Marshall Band
07/04/99 HSMF--60m--dFOB--akg480>dap1

Dark Star Orchestra
2.29.00 The Roxy--dfob--60/90--mt200(X/Y 90)>v2>dap1
3.1.00 The Belly Up Tavern--dfob--60/60--mt200(X/Y 90)>v2>dap1

David Nelson Band
08.09.97 Dead on the Mtn. 10 s>dap1
10.24.97 Dead on the Bay s>dap1
10.30.97 --The Foothill Club-- FOB AKG414>sonosax SX2>Hhb>dap1
10.11.98 Live on the Bay FOB Oktava MC 012>dap1 occasional wind noise
10.16.98 La Vida Roadhouse s>d8
11.21.98 Mexicali Blues Cafe Teaneck, NJ s>M1
02.09.99--Foothill Club--s>d8
07.24.99 Westchester Bar&Grill--Westchester, CA--drop out on encore--show might fit onto a 60m--Schoeps mk41>cmc6>sonosaxSX2>dap1
07.25.99 Backyard BBQ(private party) sbd>d8 90m

Deep Banana Blackout
07/01/99 HSMF-main stage--60--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>hhb>dap1

Dr. Didg
07/01/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>hhb>dap1

Freddy Jones Band
10.17.97 Paradise Boston, MA s>dat

05.30.98 Sta Barbara County Bowl BOB OktavaMC12>dap1(opened for WSP)
05.31.98 Universal Amph. LA BOB OktavaMC12>dap1(opened for WSP)
08.20.99 Greek Theatre-Berkeley, CA BOB Shoeps cmc6Mk41>sx2>dap1
01.22.00-House of BLues LA-90m-daud-EArthworks sr77>>dmic20>>d8--Level drop frist song! : (
01.23.00-The Belly Up Tavern-Solana Beach, CA-90m-daud-Earthworks SR77>>dmic20>>d8

10.16.85 Catalyst Sta Cruz, CA s>reel>dat

Garcia-- LOM
02.05.74 GAMH SF, CA LOM sbd>reel>pcm>dat
04.09.75 Roseland Ballroom LOM sbd>reel>dat
04.19.75--Oriental Theatre--sbd

George Clinton and the PFunk Allstars
07.05.95 Central Park Summerstage daud shoeps

Greyboy Allstars
3.5.99--Belly Up Tavern-Solana Bch.,CA-FOB-Oktava MC12>dap1-second set opener cut

Grateful Dead
04.26.69 Electric Theatre-Chicago, IL-s>?>d
01.03.70 Fillmore East(early show & late show) 90m s >reel>cass>dat**alot of cuts on this tape
07.14.70 Euphoria Ballroom(acoustic) -60m- San Rafael, CA-- s >reel>dat --ACOUSTIC SET ONLY
12.14.71 Hill Aud. Ann Arbor, MI--sbd>MR>dat
02.09.73 Roscoe Maples Pavillion Palo Alto, CA -- s>reel>dat--MISSING Box-Casey Jones
05.25.74 Campus Stadium UCSB -- s>reel>dat
06.29.76 Auditorium Theatre-Chicago-- s>d
02.26.77 Swing Auditorium -- s>reel>dat
07.07.78 Red Rocks -- s>reel>dat
07.08.78 Red Rocks -- s>reel>dat
08.03.82 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO--aud>mc>d-unknown mics
06.16.85 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA-II- s>dat
09.03.85 Auditorium Theatre- Kansas City, MO--s>d II shoepps>reel>pcm>dat
09.18.87 MSG -II- s>dat
02.26.90 Oakland Coliseum -- s>dat
03.28.90 Nassau -II- s>dat
06.25.91 Sandstone Amphitheatre-Bonner Springs, KS-s>d
09.10.91 MSG -I- s>dat
03.24.93 Dean Smith Center UNC-Chapel Hill, NC--s>d
03.23.95 Charlotte, NC -- s>dat
03.26.95 Omni, Atlanta-- s>dat

Three Guitars~~ Al DiMeola, Paco DeLuca, John Mclaughlin
06.28.96 Espace Charlie Parker La Villete, Paris
11.20.96 Avery FIsher Hall N.Y.C.

04.25.94 SF II dsbd
04.27.94 SF all dsbd

Jazz is Dead
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-sbd>DA302
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-daud/dfob-Alesis AM62>dap1

Jemimah Puddleduck(molo/karan)
03.03.00-Ventura Concert Theatre-60m-daud/fob-mt210(X/Y 90*)>>excalibur II>>V2>>excalibur II>>dap1
10.10.99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-sbd>DA302
10.10.99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-daud/dfob-Alesis AM62>dap1

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
11.19.98 Blind Melon's San Diego, CA FOB Oktava MC12>Lunatech V2>dap1
07/03/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>dap1(slight wind noise)
09.16.99-Winstons--OB,CA--onstage-Oktava MC012>p1--135min
10/07/99-Winstons--OB,CA--onstage-Oktava MC012>dap1--60m
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-sbd>DA302
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-daud/dfob-Oktava MC012>dap1

Keller Williams
3/5/98 Belly Up, Solano Beach, CA sbd>dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
3/6/98 Galaxy Theatre SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
3/7/98 The Troubador SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break : ( Unavoidable line hum from SBD patch, ALL tapes have this even the MSBD's
3/8/98 The Couchouse, Sta Barbara SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
3/12/98 Palookaville SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
3/13/98 The Fillmore SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
3/14/98 The Fillmore SBD>Dap1 opened for SCI and played during set break
07/02/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>hhb>dap1

04.21.98 Powerhouse Sebastapool, CA aud>d
10.16.98 Wetlands, NYC Senn 441>sbm1>d8
10.17.98 Wetlands, NYC Senn441>sbm1>d8
05.29.99 Mtn. Aire Festival-Calaveras Fairgrounds, CA--FOB Schoeps mk41>cmc6>sonosaxSX2>dap1
06.19.99 Cazadero, CA--90m--FOB Schoeps mk41>cmc6>sonosaxSX2>dap1
07.05.99 onstage--60m--w/m.kang

Leftover Salmon
07.05.97 HSMF tent SBD>dap1
07.06.97 HSMF main stage SBD>dap1
12.31/97 Kezar Pavillion SBD>Dap1 d/o's
02.04.98 The Coachouse Sta Barbara , CA SBD>dap1
02.05.98 The Belly Up Tavern Solano Beach, CA SBD>dap1 d/o's
02.06.98 Gibson's Tempe, AZ SBD>Dap1
02.07.98 H.O.B. LA coresounds>d8 front of stacks
04.03.98 Electric Factory Philly AKG460>Sbm1>D8>Dap1 opened for Ratdog 60:00:00
07/03/99 HSMF-main stage--60m--dFOB--josephsonc603ka500>dap1

Little Feat
05.13.99 Glen Helen Park(car show) -dsbd-Yamaha 4000>dap1

Mad Cap Otis
10/09/99 Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-sbd>DA302
10/09/99--Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-daud/dfob-Alesis AM62>dap1

Max Creek
03.27.98 Mama Kin's Boston, MA SBD>TascamDA30>Dap1(via coaxial)

Medeski, Martin, Wood
11.03.96 somerville theatre nak 550>dat

Mike Keneally's Beer for Dolphins
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-sbd>DA302
10/09/99-Live on the Bay-San Diego-60m-daud/dfob-Alesis AM62>>dap1

05.25.96 S.U.N.Y. Purchase s>dat 114 min.
08.29.97 HSMF main stage mx>dap1
08.30.97 HSMF tent mx>dap1
09.20.97 The Palace Hollywood,CA mx>dap1 first 15 minutes missing SBD patch was muted!
09.23.97 Emerald City Sta. Barbara, CA mx>dap1
power outage first set--30 min. acoustic, then electric again for set 2
09.24.97 Belly Up Tavern, Solano Bch, Ca s>Hhb>d100
09.27.97 Fillmore mx>dap1 (Viola Lee Blues w/ Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman) w/ Bob Bralove and H. Kaiser
12.29.97 Great American Music Hall mx>dap1
12.30.97 Great American Music Hall mx>dap1
12.31.97 Great American Music Hall mx>sbm1>d8
2.25.99 Belly up Tavern-Solana Bch., CA-daud-2x60m-Oktava MC12>dap1--occasional wind noise from A/C system

My DATlist is now split in half. To view page 2, click here

drop me a message if you find something that interests you, and please put in the text of the messg. what shows/tapes you're interested in.