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" ... And 'lo for a thousand years did reign a thousand magicks, as common as the bee, though the nectar it would bear, was bittersweet and destined for ruination."

-As Dictated to the Court of Repression, from 'Memory of the Tristine Chronicles' by the Pakshana D'jere Whrith Zah'zsith'e. Esteemed member of the High Cabal of the White Lotus Kingdom, in Our Lady's Season of the Sundrop 223.

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The silver chimes ring softly as you step through the portal, the carved oaken door swinging softly shut behind you. Within, painted by bars of sunlight, is an eclectic apothecary filled with artifacts of every description. Looking about, you are quickly greeted by a woman of indeterminate age, in dark silks and an embroidered cloak. Her raven hair falls to her waist and sparkling violet eyes look you up and down. She draws herself up tall, and adresses you...

"Welcome, Traveller! Welcome to my domain. Please, feel free to look about. Any questions, I may answer them for you." Her earrings swing gently as she steps behind an inlaid ivory and onyx counter, great ancient teak armoires standing like silent sentinels against the wall.

You are not sure if she is offering to reveal any secret you may put her to, or if she will guard her mysteries in enigma... beckoning behind her are a trio of carved teak cabinets, their panels engraved with fantastical flora and fauna. The warm fitted stones are smooth beneath your feet as a large white cat rubs insistently along your boot.

"It appears my familiar approves of you, Traveller. If that be so, then most certainly you are welcome to stay a time. We are your humble servants." She bows slightly, self-mocking, but her smile is genuine. Around the chamber are many points of interest...

Peruse the bulletin postings for recent shipments and new arrivals.

A chronological list of updates and new posts.

Step up to the counter and speak with Lady A.

A service counter of practical gear and equipment for the adventurer and his household.

Walk through the east door, where a curtained archway leads inwards.

A garderobe of enchanted garments and magical adornments for the body.

The weapons rack in the stone alcove already has a customer...

A chamber of armaments and armor, and the trappings of war and self-defense.

To the north lies a glassed door shining with outdoor light...

A verdant greenhouse of newly discovered herbs, medicinal treatments, and the personal creations of Anya.

To the northeast a dutch door lies open, wafting delicious aromas ...

A wealth of 'Goode Cookery' of original repasts and libations of Palladia, and the enchanted creations of Dame Edna.

The great ironwood portal of the Lady's sanctuary lies unlocked ...

The private study of the Lady and the magicks locked within her personal spell-book. Also a book of cantrips, simple 'mini-magic' for the common man.

Peruse the pages of my Spellbook...

Leave thy mark upon my Spellbook...

The gods and their myths are one and the same.

-Found pinned upon the chest of the murdered Grand Inquisitor Darseth Seball, councilor to the Crown of Demandi. Believed to be a 'lost' passage of the Tristine Chronicles.

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...gods are the reflections of mortals, and all the weaknesses of mortals can be found, sometimes magnified a thousand fold, in the gods themselves...

-Painted in Elven and Dwarfish script with the blood of the holy templars, upon the broken pillars of the fallen Basletta Temples. Believed by historians to be a warning ... or an omen, to the people or to the gods of the era. Later credited as a passage of the famed Tristine Chronicles.

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