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last updated 6/26/14

Stacy Peralta and the Jeff Ho/Zephyr Competition Team first started influencing the skateboard world with their disticnt style of skateboarding at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals.
Few personalities in skateboarding have left a lasting impression on the sport. . .Stacy Peralta is one of those few.

He was an original 1st generation "Z-BOY". He did it all WITH STYLE. . . banks, streets, ramps, pools, downhill, slalom, etc...his skating had no boundries.

Stacy was co-owner of the biggest skateboarding empire in history (Powell-Peralta) until he left the industry to pursue a career in film-making.

He directed the multi award winning documentary DOGTOWN and Z-BOYS as well as the big wave movie "RIDING GIANTS."

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