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The Devils Paintballers

We Have a Lots Going On..

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We Are "The Devil's Paintballers"
We are a paintball team, our players are

we have decided on an equal ranking team, there is no positions...

Bryan Levay
Scott Roberts
Nathan Mclachlin
Joseph Beaston
Andrew Lemanek

click on name to see infromation about player....

If u are interested in playing paintball u can visit the sites listed above, or visit your local paintball store...

More about us

We live in Madera Ca, we have our own field that we play on but we also goto Marty Montgomerys "TAAG"(Tactical Advantage Action Games)field, its pretty cool, it's in Coarsegold we thank u for visiting our page and comeback again you have questions email us (, Click Here To Goto Our Email Fourm, just fill out a fourm, and itll email it to me

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