Okay, here is a quiz my friend Festus3 sent me to put up. Anyways, here it is!

Festus3's Beast Wars Quiz:

Note: Keep in mind that Dinobot and Dinobot II are seperate characters; I also consider Airrazor, Tigatron, and Tigerhawk three seperate characters.

1.Who was the second person to defect?
a: Cheetor
b: Rattrap
c: Dinobot
d: Terrasaor

2.What character has preluding nightmares?
a: Optimas
b: Cheetor
c: Rhinox
d: Tarantulus

3.How many characters have used eye-lazers?
a: 4
b: 6
c: 1
d: 2

4.How many characters have died all together?
a: 4
b: 12
c: 7
d: 16

5.How many actual funerals were there?
a: 2
b: 12
c: 5
d: 1

6.What character was on the least amount of episodes?
a: Ravage
b: Transmutate
c: Tigerhawk
d: the Vok

7.which one of these characters never entered an alien structure?
a: Optimus
b: Tarantulas
c: Dinobot
d: Rattrap

8.What Did Optimas say in answer to Megatron's taunt in Nemesis part 2?
a: All creatures deserve to live.
b: You'll pay for the death of innocents.
c: Speech this.
d: Rott in jail.

9.What did Blackaracnia use as a conduit in Nemesis part 2
a: Cheetor's tail whip
b: Rattrap's tail whip
c: one of her legs
d: Dinobot's sword

10.What did Megatron say when Tigerhawk attacked the Nemesis?
a: Blast that infernal Tigerhawk's medlings!
b: I was supposed to be undisturreb until I reached my destination!
c: Slagg that tigerhawk, again he defies me!
d: My forecast called for clear skies all the way back to Cybertron!

Please send your answers to Festus3 at festus3@netins.net to get your answers graded. Thank you.