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Scratch Bladder Productions

The latest developments in the music camps of Jon Apgar and Bill Sannwald

Peep these sites!

Official NAEPESH headquarters
Official EPHEMERON site and SBP ordering info
Slap A Ham Records
KGB band page
The Mountain Brothers homepage
Projecto 2501
Mega's Metal Asylum
Dr. Terror and the Synthetic Erections offical page
National Console Support
Cartoon Network
Chronicles of Chaos e-zine
DJ Satisfy
Music Extreme
The original SBP site
Kari's Anime Archive!

Scratch Bladder Productions... The crew that gave you: Ghosty Ghost, Hydrant Inspectors, Roswell, Enuma Elish, Ephemeron, Hoth, Level 3 Boss, Dry Lung Projectile, The Bumbling Detective, Meth, Amish Mafia, Thought Masticator, Zygote Seminar, Buttons, Sweater Vest, Written But Not Read, Friday Forecast, Bill the Death Metal Cowboy, Jon the Death Metal Mariner, Bill and the GoreWhores, Monks from Tibet, True 2 Tha Game, As Night Fades, Sheen, Lizzie and the Surfkatz, Ambivalent Fluxuation, The Missing Mummy, Rip Tide, Mech Kommanderz, Black Metal Breakbaskets, Coast to Coast Necrolust, Wettwerth, Rock N Roll Gladiators, Thohe, Searay, Dr. Terror and the Synthetic Erections, Getting Hurt While Shaving, @@@@#, Throb, One Leg, Acrobats of Apocalypse, Acid Freak, Voltron, Hershel, D-Jaculation, 3 Dry Mice, Evil Worm, Vape, Jesus Philbin, Family Harsh Noise Experimentation, Wrapped in Plastic, the Pimp, Bill and the Anarchists, Bailey Forbes, U.S. Males, The Sannwald/Hoak Dinner Hour Duo, Blood-Filled Bladder, the Forbes/Van Wyk Adventure, D.n.a. sWarm, Jon and the Brunalleci Four, Abdenoriah, and more!!