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My Tribute to Batboy

All Batboy pictures were taken from Ode to Batboy Except Secret Agent Bobby-O's picture was taken and edited (to protect his identity) by the staff of Microwaved Bacon

History of the Amazing Batboy

For those of whom are World Weekly News impaired, Batboy is a bat and human mix. Now you must be thinking that I am crazy for believing that the World Weekly News is true, but remember, its the 8th most circulated paper in the world! Its gotta be true then!

From my research done on the internet, I have learned that Batboy was first found in Packasnatch, Oklahoma and then later migrated to Vermont.

"There Batboy was found by some spelunkers in a cave. His foot had been caught and he was separated from the rest of his family. The spelunkers freed him. Batboy then attacked them." says Batboy researcher, Daniel Waxler.

At the Laboratory

After Batboy attacked the spelunkers he was put into a cage by these evil people.

We have a government agent who worked ont he Batboy case talk to us about his experience. "Secret Agent Bobby-O" was his alias, and he had a lot to tell us. He told us about the horrific things that went on...Batboy screaming all the time..the experiments and even the torture that went on in those laboratories!

More Batbeings?

Let us recall that Daniel said that Batboy was separated from his family. That gives us that there is maybe a few more Batbeings around, but not a lot. But then one day while reading WWN, I flipped to the Batboy article and right there, before my very eyes, the page screamed at me:


The (supposed) Wrath of Batboy

If there are millions just like him, whatever shall we do? There has been one report of attack by Batboy:

But was it really all his fault? We had one of our reporters look into this alleged assault by Batboy.

Our reporter went to the hometown of the 5 year old girl who had been bitten by Batboy. Her mother says that she was just playing in the yard when she let out a horrific scream. Her mother ran to see Batboy with his teeth sunk into her arm.Immediatly her mother shook Batboy off. Okay, if that is true, then how was a camera there to take pictures?
I have concluded that Batboy is at no fault for this case of assault. If there even was an attack on that girl I think it would be because she was playing with his little Batboy ears, as Daniel Waxler puts it. This assault was fabricated just to bring the poor little freak of nature down. And now look what they did:

Now he's wanted by the FBI!!

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