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Hi there, my name is Villain S. Deeds, and this site is currently under construction. Until it's done, rock on...

My Gear:
Sexy Black Yamaha RGX112 electric guitar
A sexy black fretless electric guitar (under construction) with a Vantage neck and possibly-Ibanez body
Barclay accoustic guitar (deceased)
Wasburn Oscar Schmidt Dreadnought(BR) Digitech RP300 modeling effects processor
TASCAM ministudio Porta07 (sans manual and slightly modified)
Peavy 210W head with a Crate 4x12 cab

"Two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the Universe." -Albert Einstein

You are spoon guy. You should have planned ahead
buddy, or packed a bigger lunch.

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