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Ledge short Bio

     Norman carl Odam. was born in Lubbock TX. in 1947 and grew up on flint AV. Just south of town while in school norman felt that he needed to become popular, to win the hearts of all of the girls. norman loved music so he started singing in school, for the other students. He hoped to attract the girls but the boy's found norman more interesting, and they wanted to pick on norman for playing and singing in school. But in spite of the guy's wanting to kick norman's ass, norman did in fact become the most popular kid in school. Joe Ely was in normans class and remembers the ledge jumping around and screaming out songs that make only sense to ledge.Norman would go to the Hidy Ho drive in and play and sing for the kid's that hung out their. the students would through food and change at ledge until he would stop playing.
    The name Legendary Stardust Cowboy came when norman was a kid, incorporating he interest in space and cowboy's. His first paying gig was at the Elks Lodge in Lubbock. shortly after that Norman finaly landed himself his first record deal, with mercury records and of corse a crooked manager that robed norman of his money from the record deal. The song Paralyzed became a Novelty hit and is a novelty classic to this day. it also got Ledge on National tv. on the television show Laugh-In the 1960's. This was normans biggest and last big break. Although Ledge still worked odd job's and played gigs when he could in 1986 Friend and band member Frank Noviki had Ledge relocate to San Jose California to try and revise the ledges career in music, and get some new recordings made on bass player gary stillings record lable Spider records. Joey Myers was the drummer and scotty Vaulmer was the second guitar player. untill scotty was murdered in 1988. the band cut some new ledge songs such as my underwear froze to the clothesline, and an album called the L.S.D Cowboy Rides Again. the frozen underwear tour was set to go and we played San Jose ca. Fresno, Las Vegas, Pheonix, Tuson, and LA, and a Now rare and fameouse Video was Filmed in Tuson AZ. i have a copy of it still. I played Guitar, Frank Noviki Played drums and Ledge on the Bugle and Vocals.
     The ledge was indeed busy, but not getting the breaks that he wanted. Fianly the gigs started to slow down, clubs where closing and changing musical acts and finaly the crowds grew up and moved on as did alot of band members the last gig i did with ledge was in LA at the Sound Machine with the Kingpins. 1988. Joe Ely came to that gig to visit. Ledge still gig's when he can get them and he puts on quite a show, he has fans all over the world and friends that watch out for him. he is the undisputed father of PUNK ROCK and one hell of a funny guy.