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The Journey

From the moment we draw our
first breath of air.

A journey has begun that will
take us from here to there.

There are lessons to be learned
and things we must do.

There will be great times and
trials we must go through.

There will be people who will love
us and help us along the way.

The pain will be deep when we
learn even a Best Friend can betray.

Our hearts will rejoice at the news
of a new baby, a Birth.

The same heart will break when a loved
one dies and is placed in the earth.

You will learn about loneliness
and tears will fall like rain.

Finally one day you will see the
sunshine, as you go through your pain.

Questions will surface and you
wonder why life seems so unfair.

God watches with Fatherly concern
and whispers softly "I CARE".

We reflect but then busy ourselves there
is just so much to get done.

God watches patiently and whispers
"Let me tell you about my Son."

We pause to listen remembering so
many things that we have to do.

"His name is Jesus, He loved you
so much he died just for you".

"He to was betrayed by a friend,
He to wept when Lazereth died".

"Jesus knows your pain, He was mocked
and beaten and crucified".

"He Arose from the dead and ascended
to Heaven to prepare your home".

"All you have to do is accept Him
in your heart and you are never alone".

So ask Jesus to come into your heart
and save you from your sin.

Peace of mind will be yours
knowing how your journey will end.

Hope D.B.

Copyright 1999, Hope