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In Memory of My Grandma

I loved you more, then these mere
words could ever begin to express.

Our love for each other was strong,
and you brought me such happiness.

Your love of God, was unshakable and
you shared that love with me.

All the beautiful stories you told, I was
taught so much upon your knee.

The years, that I lived with you,
are among the best I have known.

You took me in with loving hugs,
and made your house our home.

The train rides to Chicago, the shopping,
our talks on the swing,
playing Yahtzee, I remember it all.

The time you spent preparing me, for
the day your Precious Lord would call.

I told you, I didn't think I would make it
for the pain of losing you was to great.

You said"Your prayer for me was to live,
my life to the fullest, and to
know you would meet me at Heavens Gate".

I am Trying Grandma!!
I Miss You So Much!!
All My Love, Your Granddaughter!!

Hope D.B.

Copyright 1999, Hope