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Gwynne & Mitchell's Wedding Page

The Pictures are Here!!

The wedding went wonderfully, and many of our family and friends were in attendance. The weather was lovely, and we were lucky to time the proceedings just right - the light was diasppearing from the sky just as we were exchanging our vows.

The photos of the wedding are finally up, although not great images, and we hope to have a copy of our ceremony up soon for those of you who have requested it. We are very proud of the work we did on the ritual, and would welcome your comments and impressions. We hope to allow our family and friends overseas and elsewhere to get a feeling for what transpired on Saturday.

Soon we'll have pages up with Honeymoon photos, so keep checking back!!

Thank you again for being such a wonderful part of our wonderful evening - and keep your eyes peeled for changes and updates to the site!

All our love - Gwynne and Mitchell

On a curvy stretch of Highway 1 just north of Big Sur (Kerouac would be proud) Mitchell went ahead and proposed to his curvy woman Gwynne. It was a beautiful day, and the kelp forests that promised sea otter sightings were enough to get us out of the car and onto the cliff that would soon be a very special place to us indeed.

After spending time oohing and aahing at the churning cerulean-blue water below, we did the romantic cow-eyes thing and thus it began.. Mitchell decided that this place would be ideal. So he simply asked me to be his wife, and I accepted through tears of joy. An older couple was nearby just moments after he proposed, so I asked them to take a picture of us on the cliffs. They very kindly complied, and wished us a long and happy life together.

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