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The Cast

Felicity Porter

Felicity is 17 and came to New York to follow Ben and become a doctor. Sadly Felicity finds out Ben isnít interested in her and that he is in love with Julie. Thoughtful and adventurous, she goes through life fully feeling the sights, sounds, and activity around her. She is affected by everything and everyone. Nothing is trivial for Felicity

Ben Covington

Ben is the popular guy from high school, the guy every boy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. Track star, California born, Ben is likable but seems perhaps a little overwhelmed by the realities of "real" schoolwork. Ben lives in a huge, ultracool loft in Soho, a college kid's dream come true. He is handsome, of course, and likes girls a lot. He is somehow kind of sweet, though, not the brutish oaf one might expect.

Julie Emrick

Julie is the kind of fun girl that you'd like to be around. She can be a good friend, and she's pretty smart for a freshman. Smart about life, that is. She came to New York to meet her real mother, the mother who birthed her. Julie was adopted. She's in poetry class and she plays the guitar. She has a certain honesty to her, which is one of the reasons she and Felicity are becoming friends.

Noel Crane

Noel is likable. Very likable. He is the resident advisor on the floor in the dorm where Felicity, Julie, and Elena live. He's cute, nice, and helpful -- everything an R.A. should be. Noel really likes Felicity, but he has a girlfriend in Chicago whom he knew back home in Boston. This is Noel's second year in college, so he's a veteran and has a wealth of advice, some of it even good. Noel likes to play around with his computer.

Elena Tyler

Elena was raised in one of the poorer neighborhoods outside New York City. She got herself a scholarship to a fancy high school and took advantage of it, graduating valedictorian and earning a full scholarship that brought her to college in Manhattan. The scholarship fell through, but the same determination that got her here is keeping her here. She has a straightforward approach to life that is unusual for some of her new friends, not least of all Felicity.

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