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Chad Remple - Salibury
Luke Harris - William Aberhart

Mike Potter - Parkland
Tyson Endersby - Brooks
Jonathan Lang - Lord Beaverbrook

Brett Millions - McCoy
Curtis Noble - McCoy
Don Innes - Leduc Ryan Karhut - Parkland
Cam Bunting - Crescent Heights
Stephen Lee - Lord Beaverbrook
Adam Gill - Jasper Place

Matthew Landiuk - Crescent Heights (Med. Hat)
Aaron Giovanetto - St. Francis (Calgary)
Darcy Hunt - Grande Prairie
Lucas Seaward - Leduc
Ryan Mastel - Kate Andrews (Coaldale)

Chad Bergeron - Fort McMurray*
|David Lowry - L.C.I.
Aaron Tuckwood - Bev Facey (Sherwood Park)
Ryan St. Peter - Salisbury (Sherwood Park)
Jim Kozy - Brooks
Trevor Coehoorn - Medicine Hat

Michael Hartley - Strathcona (Edmonton)
Allan McDougall - Austin O'Brien (Edmonton)
Waldo Baeza - Bishop McNally (Calgary)
Mitch Hoschka - Olds
Mike Daniels - William Aberhart (Calgary)

Jason Milne - Bev Facey (Sherwood Park)
Steve Gilson - Grande Prairie
Landon White - Ross Sheppard (Edmonton)
Dylan Armstrong - McCoy (Medicine Hat)
Cory Kien - Oilfields (Black Diamond)
Brad Heitman - Kate Andrews (Coaldale)

Scott Kadatz - Beaumont
Justin McInnes - Harry Ainlay (Edmonton)
* - returning Team Alberta veterans that are still eligible to play in the FCC.

Head Coach - Tim Enger (Football Alberta)
Assistants - Julian Annicchiarico (Brooks)
Runningbacks - Bryan Brandford (Oilfields)
Gino Castellan (Notre Dame) - Offensive Line
Carey Rowntree (Winston Churchill) - Defensive Line
Cliff Walters (L.C.I.) - Defensive Coordinator
Neil Gerritsen - General Manager
Rick Gilson - Asst. General Manager Scouting Coordinator

Game Summaries

Game 1 - Team Alberta vs Team Nova Scotia - Sunday July 4th at Thunderbird Stadium.
Alberta had a fairly easy time of it winning 17 - 0. Touchdowns by Chad Rempel and Matt Landiuk and a fieldgoal by Justin McInnis accounted for the scoring as both teams kept their playbook very short during this game. The defense was solid as the db's repeated knocked down passes and accounted for two interceptions, one by Brad Hietmen and the other by Dylan Armstrong. Dave Lowry lead the team in tackles and is proving to be a great force at linebacker for Team Alberta.

Game 2 Western Final - Team Alberta vs BC - Wednesday July 7th at BC Place BC 26 - Alberta 10 Like many an unlucky hunter Alberta spent a little too much time shooting itself in the foot throughout the game and BC displayed tremendous team spead particularly on defense to hold Alberta's offense in check. Chad Rempel of Salisbury had success on the bootleg and late in the game went to wide receiver catching the Luck Harris 35 yard touchdown pass to close out the scoring in the game. Alberta hung in there as BC had 42 offensive plays in the first half and held a 13 - 3 edge in scoring. The third quarter saw no change in the score as twice Alberta missed opportunities to punch it in for the touchdown and missed the field goal. Defense came up large a couple of times early in the game forcing BC to go for fieldgoals on three different occasions. Broken plays by BC were run to great advantage. Alberta will play New Brunswick - likely for bronze depending on the outcome of a controversy involving Ontario and BC players and eligibility.

Game 3 and 4 - The Bronze Medal Round Robin mini-tournament Alberta ended up agreeing to play Manitoba and New Brunswick in a mini-tournament to declare the bronze medal winner on Saturday. The format saw each team play the other for one half. Alberta defeated Manitoba 28 - 7 and New Brunswick 7 - 0 this gives Alberta the Bronze medal. Manitoba defeated New Brunswick 23 - 8.

Daily Reports For Alberta

Day One - St. Albert Training camp
Following two spirited practices coaches are optimistic as this talented group of players - 36 of them representing the top graduates this year - demonstrated their ability to quickly pick up on the offensive and defensive systems.

Day Two - St. Albert Training Camp
The food is awesome thanks to St. Albert High School for the outstanding hosting - players worked through three practices and a series of team meetings. Rain continued to provide relief from the non-existant heat. Players and coaches alike look forward to Saturday and the flight out to Vancouver. Following a blackboard session on last year's Nova Scotia offense the defense has responded well in reaction to formation and the offensive unit's timing continues to look very solid. Is there anything quite like 36 players trying to sleep in the gym?

Day Three - Flight day.
An early morning practice is followed by packing and off to Vancouver - delays were experienced as a lightning storm prevented the airport from refueling quite as quickly as we'd have liked. Head Coach Tim Enger - a nervous flyer at the best of times - felt the flight went very well. GM Neil Gerritson commented on the outstanding behavior of the boys throughout the journey. Following a pizza bust the team ran through a spirited practice - a rare non-pads event - and called it a day.

Day Four - Game Day - Nova Scotia exhibition game.
We don't play until quite a bit later Sunday but we do have the opportunity to scout the BC - Manitoba and Ontario - New Brunswick games prior to our own. BC defeated Manitoba and Ontario defeated New Brunswick. Our game even for an exhibition was spirited and we came out on top 17 - 0. Touchdowns were scored by Chad Rempel on a QB keep and Matt Landiuk on a 10 yard pass. The defense played very well throughout the game with a couple of interceptions and several knocked down passes. Big hits big fun and now Alberta turns its attention to Team BC whom they meet on Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Day Five - Monday July 5
Another early morning as wake-up is 7:00 am each day. The players and coaches get a kick out of the jam lady at the cafeteria as you are allowed two butter and one jam for your toast - heaven help us all if you take two. Sunny summer day - we're told it's among the first in Vancouver this summer greets us as the team runs a spirited two hour practice in full gear. Plans are in place for BC and the two scout units provided the offense and defense with a look at what we expect. Coaches and players know we have our work cut out for us as BC has tremendous talent at runningback, receiver, and QB and a super linebacker unit. Wednesday at 5:00 pm at BC Place. The majority of the rest of the day was spent travelling an hour and a half on public transportation to the BC Lions training center to watch practice and have a BBQ - for some of Team Alberta's players it was like travelling from Lethbridge to Brooks and certainly took longer than it does for LCI to travel to Raymond and play the first quarter of a game.

Day Six - Tuesday July 6
Another beautiful sunny summer day as Team Alberta spent the morning in meetings and practices preparing for Team BC. Coaches look forward to a tight game, though they are concerned about a bit of illness and injury bug which has taken its toll upon a depth chart that with just 36 players was not particularly deep to begin with. Nevertheless the make-up of the team includes so many players who have played two positions throughout their career that it would be possible for the defense to run an offense. The wide receivers have all played corner or safety, the corners were qb's and runningbacks and could both play receiver if that's what it came to. Kick-off tomorrow is at 5:00pm at BC place. Several parents have arrived and others are scheduled to make the trip out on Friday. With luck and hard play Team Alberta looks to reach the final on Saturday.

Day 7 Wednesday
Game day we lost to BC in a hard fought game - see the results page for final.

Day 8 Thursday
Very light practice today and players headed off for the day to various activities.

Day 9 Friday
The team continued to perform in a manner that represented Alberta with utmost class. A spirited final practice for this close team was followed with lunch and a bus ride to English Bay - the players treated all who could hear to a wide range of songs - often with hilarious results as we snaked our way through Vancouver to the beach. Temperatures were high and shoulders were burned which was a lot better than one of the other teams whose players decided to visit a nearby famous beach on campus where in the spirit of that beach they burned more "valuable" parts....oh well. On a football note there were several meetings on eligibility. It was determined that the results of the games would stay as played and as a result Nova Scotia withdrew from the tournament in protest late in the afternoon. Alberta had been preparing for New Brunswick but around midnight Friday it was determined that in order to provide Manitoba with a game - even if their players were too sunburned :-) we would play a mini-tournament jamboree style with ourselves, NB and Manitoba. Each team will play a full regulation half against the other with a kickoff at the start of each quarter. The third game will feature Ont and BC. Watch for the results tonight at this site.

Day 10 Saturday July 10 -
Alberta came through the bronze medal tournament with an undefeated record and received the bronze medals following the game. Mike Potter was named player of the game with several great runs.