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USS Gunston Hall LSD 5 Reunion Association

   The USS Gunston Hall Reunion Association was founded in November of 1993 for the purpose of locating shipmates who served on the ship and to hold reunions.

    Since our first meeting in 1993, we have had five reunions, one in Las Vegas in 1995, one in San Diego in 1997, one in Corpus Christi in 1999, one in Las Vegas in 2001, and the last one in Las Vegas 2003.

        We have located more than 1,200 shipmates covering the years the ship was in service from 1943 to 1970. We would be happy to add your name to that "found" list.

    Our association officers and reunion staff are shipmates who served on the ship. We do not use professional planners. We are able to have reunions because shipmates join our association and pay dues. Without members we would not be able to do it.

    Upon joining our association a member receives a membership card, copies of our newsletter "GunnySack". In addition, you will be able to use our ship's office to contact your buddies. You will receive a membership book which lists all "found" shipmates (this book is updated for each reunion). And most important, as a member you will be able to attend our reunions.

    If you have information on where a shipmate may be, let us know so we can contact him.

    If you have any questions, please contact us any time.

Ron Kennedy Chairman
Reunion Association