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    The following pictures were donated by Jerry Hartenburg. Jerry served 1968 to 1970 as an ET2.

    I received the following email from Paul T. Kijewski identifying some of the people in the pictures on this page. I found this interesting and hope you will also.


    Under photos #13 there is a picture with the title"Officers Observing the goings on" or similar words. I believe the officer in the middle is Commander G.R. West who I believe was the last CO of the "Gunny Sack". The officer in the right looks like Lt. Commander C.R. Langley, the XO. If I am not mistaken, I was there when that first picture in #13 of the small craft at high speed was taken. In 1969 we transported the Tucumcarri and the Flagstaff to DaNang for testing under combat conditions. I remember the Helo deck was taken off before we left San Diego and I don't think it was ever replaced. I recall that the crews of the of both the Tucumcarri and the Flagstaff had a rough time getting them started. I've got a picture of one of them going like a bat out of hell that was probably taken that same day. I believe that was 8-31-69. I vaguely remember ET2 Hartenberg. I recall ETR3 Harding much more clearly. He was a very friendly, outgoing guy with a great attitude. I was a deck ape in 1st Division and worked for BM1 Broderick. He was tough but fair and a damn good sailor. This is a great web site. You brought back some good memories of a really good ship.

Paul T. Kijewski

pgh at speed.jpg (19194 bytes)

PGH at speed

officers.jpg (3561 bytes)

Officer's observing the goings on

bearings.jpg (3196 bytes)

Taking Bearings

pgh's.jpg (29968 bytes)

PGH's in the well deck