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USS Ashland LSD 1 USS Shadwell LSD 15
USS Cabildo LSD 16 USS Colonial LSD 18
USS Plymouth Rock LSD 29 USS Spiegal Grove LSD 32
USS Tortuga LSD 46 USS Gunston Hall LSD 44
USS Pensacola LSD 38 USS Whidbey Island LSD 41
USS Ashland LSD 48 USS Carter Hall LSD 50
USS Oak Hill LSD 51 LSDs of the Navy
USS Fort Snelling LSD 30 USS Mansfield DD 728
USS Hermitage LSD 34 USS Tortuga LSD 26
USS Fort Mandan LSD 21 NavSource Archives
USS Belle Grove LSD 2 Chaplain's Office
USS Thomaston LSD 28 Gunston Hall Historic Association
USS Monticello LSD 35 Lady Di's Navy Ships
EI Joe Bulletin Board USS Oak Hill LSD 7
USS Comstock LSD 19

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