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"Bell Bottom Trousers"

Bell Bottom Trousers

Once there was a little girl, who lived next to me
And she loved a sailor boy, he was only three
Now he's on an LSD, in his sailor suit
Just a great big sailor man, but he's just as cute

Bell bottom trousers, coat of navy blue
She loves a sailor man and he loves her too
When they walk along the street, anyone can see
They are so much in love, happy as can be
Hand in hand they stroll along, they don't give a hoot
He won't let go of her hand, even to salute
Everywhere her sailor went, she was sure to go
Till one day he sailed away, where she doesn't know
Now she's going to join the Waves, maybe go to sea
Try to find her sailor boy, where ever he may be
If her sailor she can't find on the bounding main
She is hopeful he will soon come home safe again
So they can get married and raise a family
Dress up all the kids in sailor's dungarees

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