Words from Readers

“. . . a wonderful journey through a life less simple than mine and definitely more exciting. A glimpse into the thoughts and workings of a mind full of passion and wonder with a view of ourselves few of us dare to talk about much less write about.

“. . . the feelings I got most from the book were one of respect and admiration. Ellen went through a lot in that first book and was ever so kind to share with us. We all have experiences in life but few of us are able to convey with such thoughtfulness and insight. A trip into a life not our own, but one not far from the possibility of being our own.”

— alanb, Ojai CA

“Ellen’s first book allows you to enter her soul literally by using twisting paths, rugged terrain and rapid water as symbolic of her lifes’s personal journey. Amazing, how she holistically blends every facet of life into the moment-instantly captivating you to the point of easily being drawn into the action of nature’s natural selection or awesome meditative silence of night in the wilderness. Knowing that action and silence are one in the same, she conveys this with sincere simplicity, the very quality which allows her to co-exist with nature as one of its own. Something many of us may never learn in this lifetime.”

— Joseph-Guisippi-lucky-do, Monterey CA

“This is a front row seat into the life of an extremely observant woman. Ellen shares her thoughts with you during her adventures around the Western USA. Sure, the summit of Mt. Whitney is predictably exciting for all involved, but her unique descriptions turn something like doing the dishes into prime-time drama. You’ll smile when you figure out where the book title, Read and Run comes from.”

— David Palefsky, GA

“I’ve know Ellen Pendleton most of my life, but haven’t enjoyed the interesting and joyful connections she makes in her writing until now. Drawing inspiration from her experiences and many thoughtful writers, she invites the reader to join her in the timeless exploration of the essence of life.”

— R. Keith Ayres, Portland, OR

“I just devoured “Read & Run” in two days. What a delightful read – a truly joyous book. It was so fun to read about the beginnings of Ellen’s back-packing history, how she came to it, embraced it, and made it an essential part of her life. I also loved all the quotes, the stories about people she met on the trail and the family and friends in her life, and the fun surprises throughout the book. Great job. I’m really looking forward to her next book!”

— J. Fox, Playa del Rey, CA

Read & Run gives us a chance to go along with Ellen on her earliest adventures and see how she has become so authentically connected to the greatness of Nature and the wonder of life. Knowing Ellen as she is today one could imagine that she was born backpacking, or climbing a mountain, or literally running around an island in the South Pacific as others of us circled it on a scooter — but her first book allows us to understand more of how she has come to be the Ellen of today.”

— Kimberly Wolff, Carmel, CA

“This book is delightful! It brought me to the rapids of the Rogue, meditating along the banks. It took me to the wonders of our beloved Sierra Nevada. My trail toes were itching, still are. Looking forward to more books by this amazing woman!”

— Teresa Fife, Big Sur, CA

“With a candid heart that is completely enchanting, Ellen Pendleton brings the reader right along beside her as she ventures out into the untamed worlds beyond the day-to-day. Equal turns wise, suspenseful and profoundly joyous, READ & RUN defines and illustrates the determination of a hungry soul in search of nourishment -- a soul more than willing to take risks in the pursuit of grace. This book will stay with you, and maybe even inspire you to undertake adventure in ways you’ve never previously imagined. Very highly recommended.”

— A. Martinez

“Does the journey make the woman or does the woman make the journey? Ellen gives us a keyhole peek into her great dance with life. She jumps in with both feet and takes us with her! Her powerful elegant use of language is inspiring and reflects her deep compassion, complex intellect, infinite cultural tidbits and laugh-out-loud humor. Truly these are the highest of arts. Oh little dance floor on the head of a pin where one female angel dances alone in her barefeet. I hope she creates more of these keepsakes, these quiet overtures from heaven so that I may curl up by a sunny window, book in hand, and pretend just for a moment I’m there dancing with her...”

— Desiree Miller, Big Sur, CA