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 Valaryee Ferrante

Valaryee N. Ferrante, Honor Student, top 123rd of her class, Graduated from Hampton University on May 13th, 2001. She Majored in Political Science and obtained her BA Degree. She will be attending school else where to achieve her Juries Doctorate Degree. From there, she has choices that would give her a place of her own in society that she can truly be proud off. I am proud of her. Valaryee is my Daughter.


 Valayree's Graduation brought about a small reunion of Family stemming four generations.

 Congratulations Valaryee.

 You are Blessed.

Some photos at the graduation
 Life Begins
Life is Good
Happy Feelings

Valaryee and two of her sisters, Tyree and Nikki.


I'd like to introduce you to my Grandchildren...

My Grandson, Tracy Jr. (TJ for short)
My Grandaughter, Ajah.

Their Parents, Tracy and Tryee


I'd like to introduce you to my Other Daughter...

North Carolina

She has 3 Children