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Darkaura's homepage


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August 26 2002 2:13p This is probably the last update for this site. I know have my own domain name, and a dedicated server. Check out, my new site.
I may be persuaded to work on a message board and clone for AT-Robots, but I want to know if people still play
June 4 2000 1:42p Created a "Get Paid" program review page.
Added it to the links.
If you want to make a few extra bucks a month, check it out.
May 26 2000 1:12p Added a links section.
Please check them out sometime :-)
May 26 2000 12:30p The web page has been redesigned, its pretty baren right now.
Hopefully I'll be getting cool stuff up eventually.
May 26 2000 12:25p Work on the AT-Robots clone has been stopped temporarily.
The old clone has been discarded.


Official AT-Robots v2 Homepage AT-Robots creator, Bones', AT-Robots web page. Cool place. Has a message board too
NecroBones Headquarters Bones' main homepage
Daniel's programs pageMy programs web page, a few simple creations of mine. (Down)
ColorAura networksMy new web page, some simple creations of mine, hopefully I'll finish my message board software for it.
"Get Paid" programs reviewWant to make a few extra bucks a month? This page tells you about a few ways to do so.

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