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The world of Mystara is a vast and fantastic place, where swords and sorcery flourish.

Introduced as a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, it has grown and prospered under the direction of writers such as Frank Mentzer, Bruce Heard, Aaron Allston, and Ann Dupuis, among others.

Since being discontinued as a campaign world by TSR, it has been survived by its fans on the 'net, who have continued to contribute and create this wondrous place.

On this page I present some of my own contributions to the Mystara mythos.

Mystara Stuff

Note: Most of the following are works still in progress.

"It's Not a Tuma!": A hexmap of the region depicted in B7: Journey to the Rock.

Ethnography of the Atruaghin Clans: A revised and expanded look at the diverse peoples and cultures of the Atruaghin Plateau!

The Kingdom of Ghyr: A kingdom located to the north of Denagoth, home to famous personages such as Strongheart and Warduke!

'Noids Alive!: Showcasing those loveable and destructive humanoids of Mystara

Blackmoor and the North: Placing Blackmoor on Mystara has always been problematic, but in this section I attempt to do just that!

Twilight of the Dawn: Chapters One thru Three of an epic Mystaran saga, and rules for campaigning on the Isle of Dawn, D&D 3rd Edition style!

Timeline of the Sea of Dread: Read about the history of the most important sea on Mystara!

Kingdom of Tilluaraver: The underwater kingdom of Undersea in all its glory.

Mystara Library: A listing of all the various Mystara related products I own, for use as a reference tool.

Glantri at a Glance: A series of maps I've generated that pick up where the map in PC4 left off and present Glantri in a 1 mile per hex format! First up: Nouvelle Averoigne!

The Great Timeline: Building from the compiled Mystaran timeline of Daniel Boese, I've added a number of elements- both canonical and from my own Mystaran campaigns. Why not check it out?

Mystara Links

The Paparazzi Glantri

The Mystara Message Boards

The Glantrian Personnel Division

A Dark Portal

Scythe's Mystara

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