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Bishop Anba Timothawes departed our world..

and is now with Jesus Christ

The Late Anba Timothawes

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Bishop Timothawes, general bishop of the Coptic Orthodox church departed our world on Saturday, the 27th of March 1999, at 2:00 pm at el-Hayat hospital in Heliopolis in Cairo, Egypt. This was following a very long and painful week for him following his third heart attack resulting from severe bleeding from his Ulcer. Everyone felt his pain and while wishing that our dear Father could stay with us.. but also wished the pain to end so that he could suffer no more.

Bishop Anba Timothawes brief Biography

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When Bishop Anba Timothawes finished his Secondary School education in Egypt, after being strongly attached to the church.. he was attracted to a life of solitude.. following his role model Father Boules el-Aabed.

His family was shocked when he confronted them with his decision, they would have aspired for him to continue further education... but his mind was set. In a prediction, Father Boules el-Aabed predicted that one day all of the Churches of Egypt would be his churches.

With Jesus he resides

When he finished his theological post graduate studies, he was ordained as a priest. Bishop Michael of Assiut called on him to serve with him in the bishopry of Assiut. His church meetings particularly attracted the blooming generation of University students and the younger generations. They remember his open minded and scientific approach to the topics at hand. He was at the time considered a pioneer.

Later on, Pope Kyrillos called on him to serve in the newly opened church of Kuwait in the Gulf. This would have proven a challenge for any priest, and pope Kyrillos chose a man who was up to the job. Back in the early 60s, the church community in Kuwait remembered the lifestyle of the modest Abouna Timothawes. They particularly remember his refusal of the comfort of an Air conditioning in his room saying "I'm a monk, I do not need luxuries like Air Conditioning". That was in the summers of Hot Kuwait with temperatures reaching over 50 degrees Centigrade. He later on accepted the air conditioner in his room in Kuwait after his children's forceful persistence.

When Pope Kyrillos, God repose his soul, departed our world, it was time to choose a new candidate for the chair of the Pope of Alexandria. Despite refusing the idea, the modest Abouna Anba Timothawes was pushed by the community in Kuwait and in Assiut for the candidacy. As we all know, that Abouna Anba Timothawes was one of the three final candidates names placed on the alter and chosen for the position. It was the Holy Spirit's will to choose our beloved Pope Shenouda for the position.

Soon after, Abouna Anba Timothawes was ordained as a bishop to serve at Pope Shenouda's side.

Since the early 70s till today, Bishop Anba Timothawes filled several positions in the church and departed on several trips to the USA to the churches there. He also filled the important position of the ambassador of the pope in Alexandria. Bishop Anba Timothawes was freely roaming between churches of Egypt blessing them all and giving them his words of wisdom. The prophecy of Abouna Boules came true, all the churches of Egypt were his.

When Bishop Anba Timothawes health deteriorated and was admitted to the el-Hayat hospital in Heliopolis, Cairo, all of his loved ones came to visit him in the Intensive Care unit.. even though visitation was out of question. They grasped any opportunity to be near their beloved father.

When Bishop Anba Timothawes left us on Saturday, everyone felt the emptiness in their life.. and those who didn't visit him felt the guilt of not taking his blessings beforehand.

At the Celebration prayers for his departure to Heaven with the presence of His Holiness Pope Shenouda and over 80 Bishops, priests and monks.. and a mass of people in the thousands filled the Cathedral church.

Pope Shenouda said a final speech about the beloved late Bishop. It was so touching and most people including the Pope were very touched during those final words of goodbyes.

Pope Shenouda also mentioned how it was the will of Bishop Anba Timothawes to be buried next to his spiritual father Abouna Boules el-Aabed in Sohag's monastery of Anba Shenouda and the pope granted him that last wish.

Our Message from God

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Our dear fathers' life was full of miracles that may wonder anyone. I for one, remember the incidents that occurred with me or what I have seen. He predicted a birth of a child besides measures taken to prevent it. On one occasion while me and my wife, were visiting Bishop Anba Timothawes he instructed us to visit the grave of Abouna Boules el-Aabed in Sohag saying that there is a message for us there. When we arrived, we were touched by the very modest appearance of the grave of Abouna Boules el-Aabed, especially by the stories of his sainthood and miracles. While attempting to take pictures.. the camera became extremely heavy that I couldn't even lift it, and without saying anything, I silently gave the camera to my wife.. and she realized the same thing, that the camera was extremely heavy not allowing us to take any pictures. Even to the effect that the camera's leather case was about to tear from the weight. It was definitely a supernatural phenomenon. Then the message that was being conveyed became clear. He always insisted that no miracles can come from his prayers in his humble words and that we get God's blessings by ourselves.

Later that same year, a group of German engineers made a very good design for the grave... and I took pictures with the very same camera I had during the earlier visit.

Bishop Anba Timothawes also wrote a book about the great saint Abouna Boules el-Aabed, and it was his wish to be buried next to his spiritual father. May God repose their souls and have mercy upon us all.

It is my recommendation to visit this particular burial to get the blessings of these 2 great saints and we ask them both to intercede on our behalf. You never know, with your faith in God, you may get your message there

Remember us in your prayers

Remember us in your prayers Anba Timothawes, as we shall remember you for the rest of our lives..

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April 1st 1999
your children in Christ
Hanan Faltas Abo-Roweis St. Mary's University, ITSS, Canada
Fady Faltas Abo-Roweis Cairo University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Egypt

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