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Quintet L-R= Fonz (bass), Steve (drums), Bonnie (vocalist), Harry (vibes),and Gene (saxophone)

Quartet= Fonz, Steve, Bonnie,and Michael (Keyboard).

It started with a 30's theme Wedding in Lake Forest, California,
then a Valentine Ball that thought they wanted swing music until the guests started requesting,
Sambas, Cha-Chas, Rhumbas,Boleros,
and La Bamba???? (and we surprised them)
Thus began the SWING CITY JAZZ COMBO, a four to five piece ensemble
comprised from Gene Keeners Big Band Orchestra (17 piece)
Now out & ready to take Southern California by storm (or Earthquake)

Clik photo for Queen Mary Pics!

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Christian Afro-Latin Jazz Band!
Swing City Jazz Orchestra

Paul and Amanda's Wedding 2000

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