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News and Updates
This site constantly strives to bring you the most up-to-date news and greatest amount of content that you can use! Below are the recent topics and spotlights of the network, followed by the actual news and updates, and announcements.
Topic:  What's Going to Happen in a Few Days
June 29, 2003
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
I've been asked this question a whole lot in just the past 3  days, so here I am giving you a nice little update of what's been done, and what will be done.

Done Already: Layout, intro, and graphics.
Finishing Today: Content menu (Left side), and right menu
Tomorrow: Tweak the layout, fix the glitches (if any), and get that site online. :)
July 1: Open up the site to the public!!! And staert putting up all the content.

But what's going to be on the site? Topics it will be covering (and there will be many many more) are Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptors, Medabots, Escaflowne, Outlaw Star, Megaman NT Warrior, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Super Smash Bros Melee, Golden Sun TLA, Metroid, Mario, Star Fox, Zelda

Topic:, opening July 1, 2003
June 26, 2003
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
Yes, 11 months later, I am still around. But that's not too important. The important part is that this site lives on at, and I'm finally working on it again. What does that mean? It means that the new site will be opened and ready July 1. Got it? Remember that date, for July 1, a brad new ELITEHQ.COM will be opened. And it LITERALLY is SUPERIOR to this site in every way possible. Well, off to work I go, so see ya around on July 1 and thanks for visiting for so long.
Topic:  Izzy's Laptop- Laptop Style
July 26, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
It's finally coming together. Izzy's Laptop, Laptop style will be made. THe entire site will be completely redesigned to look like a laptop! Surprise, surprise? It was a very rough start before I started using PHP, but now with this scripting language, I can make the new Izzy's Laptop very realistic and very informative... and even more convenient!!! I'm still building the framework for it, but the images are being built too. If I'm not going anywhere tomorrow (which is probably the case, lol), I'll have this thing done in no time.
Topic:  Attention, Those Using the new URL...
July 18, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
I am really altering the index page for, so if at any time you notice some things that seem a little misplaced or just see a template for the new splash page, then you'll know why!
Topic:  Move Almost Completely Set
July 18, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
All I need to do now is put up some of the pages and fix up the splash page, and the move is all ready to go. Great? For you, yes... for me, work! On another note, I've put up some topsite buttons, including the one for my topsite, The Elite 500!!! Okay, the actual pages for the ttopsites list need some work, or, well, insertion of templates, but that's about it. I'll go ahead and do that too. That's all the updates for  now. I'll keep you posted later today...
Topic: The Elite Top 500 Almost UP!!!!!
July 17, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By SparkPhoenix
First off, did you notice my name change? :) Anyways, back to the subject, yes, I was gone on an impromptu vacation. In other words, forced offline. Anywho, I've gotten the topsites list up, and am now adding templates here, templates there, etc., just to spruce things up. Here's a sample of the ranking button for the site in FIRST place, 100th place, and the "Join Now" button!!! Totally COOL! That just goes to show you how much I've improved myself while I was... offline. The first 500 sites on the list will have ranking buttons liek the ones shown below, which is very nice considering that it's a privilege to so many people, instead of just the elite few, lol.

Above: The rankings buttons!!! Cool!!!

About the new layout, I don't have any formal layouts for the "channels" so I'll just redirect to the Angelfire url as a temporary solution. I'm already on it, so you can expect to see some interesting things soon enough.  I'd also like to take this time to introduce a few rules for the new domain...

1. DO NOT USE REMOTE LINKING FOR IMAGES. This literally destroys bandwidth and I will be making sure I can reinforce this rule, except for the topsites buttons of course. 
2. No profanity and/or x-rater and mature material in the chat room and forums! That is just unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Expect an instant ban if not a stern warning.
3. Do not ask to be co-webmaster. If I need one, I'll go ahead and announce it, okay?

Sorry if this seems a little severe, but I'm only trying to ensure that the new domain would be a safe and enjoyable place.

Topic: Forced Offline For the Day...
July 3, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
Gah... sorry, but I was forced offline for most of the day, so I didn't have the time to do the upload. Other than that, at least I had time to make a small update here. I'll update you all on switching over to the new domain tomorrow.
Topic: Outlook Is Looking Good
July 2, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
First off, I'd like to report incredible amounts of success! First off, I have gotten 3 more good reports about the new layout, and have also installed a Topsites List for the new domain! Now you webmasters out there can join the topsites and get more hits!I've still got some work to do on it, such as putting up topsite buttons and coutners, and doing the content, but that will not take long at all, which is EXCELLENT! I'll have it ALL done by tomorrow! Hope you like it!

Oh, I almost forgot... If you want to become an affiliate, now's your chance! E-mail me your site's button's url, site name, and the url to your site! I will review it personally and get back to you in about 12 hours! My e-mail address is!

Oh, and one more thing... there scould be a new webmistress working on the site, mainly for news purposes. It isn't final, but this person will just be assisting me with minor details such as getting news, and doing episode summaries. Of course, this is not final, so don't think this is going to happen, really.

Topic: Thumbs Up Reports
July 1, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
Two testers gave the thumbs up on the new layout, which is very good to hear! Thanks! There's still a little bit of stuff to do, but I'm getting closer and closer to finishing it! I might even get it finished today, if the 100 degree weather doesn't stop me.
Topic: Progress *Important*
July 1, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster is ALMOST complete. The entire layout's frame is done, menu buttons are all done, and even the banner is almost done! All that's  left is... sigh... making the PHP sitemap. Other than that, it's coming... REALLY SOON. But wait, what about the other sites? Well... I'm getting to work on those too. For the meantime though, There will not be an official layout for them.

Also, if some of you might have noticed, if you were trying to view anytime yesterday night, you'd realiize... you couldn't! The new host has been making some server adjustments so the server would run more smoothly, and even faster, which is a plus for us! It should be back up sometime today.

NOTICE: I am now ACCEPTING affiliates of ALL sorts, with only a few restrictions. Your site must be up and functioning and must be anime or gaming related. Also, no adult content and illegal stuff! Other than that, there isn't anything else to it! Also, if your site does NOT have a button, I can arrange to make one for you.

Topic: A Few More Touches Here and There...
June 30, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
I've done quite a bit of banner making for today, and though it's looking pretty good (Better than the current one I'd say), some of the images still need a little work. I'll get that done tomorrow, along withi the rest of the layout! Oh, BTW, in case any of you were waiting to see if I was online on iCQ, I wasn't today... but I was on AIM. Sorry! In case you wanted to know, this is what still needs to be done...

Banner (70% Complete)
Layout Frame (90% Complete)
Left Menu (60% Complete)
Right Menu (80% Complete)
Newswire (50% Complete)

Topic: 11:20PM Update?!
June 29, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
Yep, I actually did my update for the day, even though it's late at night. Luckily for me, I got quite a bit of work done, and by popular demand, the new layout will be... Orange, Pink, and Brown! Just kidding! Actually, they will still have the blue/black style, with a small twist, which you'll find out... probably tomorrow.
Topic: Wow, sharp!
June 28, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
I am definitely making a lot of progress on the new layout, even though I'm not much of an artist. Clipping. cropping, deleting, skewing, distorting images later, I finally made buttons for the right menu of the new layout. Wow... it's awfully sharp, but wait... maybe I'll add more color. At least this isn't the final version, so I can still continue to mess around with it some more. On tap for tonight, I'll be building an update process so I can update the website online from ANYWHERE in the world, seriously. That would be a big advantage, eh? Also, I will be working with the PHP structures of the menus... all over again. This time, however, most of the coding for it is intact (thanks to me not deleting the original plans)  and I can use it (well, the organized part), and improve it.
Topic: Reorganization Going Strong
June 28, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
I've been rearranging elements of the new layout, and have reorganized most of it, so it isn't a giant mess of functional code. Now it's actually organized and easier for me to work with, which would definitely benefit you because, of course, there wouldn't be any site here if it was lik thata, lol. All I need to do now is to fill in the banners, buttons, and the gateway page, and it's all done!
Topic: Progress... finally.
June 28, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster
Lately, I have been sending e-mails back and forth to my domain's host, and they're working out the server bugs and glitches and such. It should be ready in a few days. In the meantime, I've decided to improve on the layout I had planned. It needs a little reorganization. I'll brief you on how it is going. 
Topic: Contacting Me Is Now Easier
June 27, 2002
Source:  N/A
Update By FreezeMaster