Game Mechanics

Game mechanics:

I will send emails with story/mission info and npc interaction, when you receive an email and your character has something to do or say jump in by replying. Make sure to respond to ALL respondents, so that everybody stays up to date on what's going on.

Also, unless I specifically designate places withing the text for you to reply, only reply at the end of the post (this keeps the continuity from getting screwy, and post the entire letter so we all can see what part you're responding to.

After play begins, I will post AT LEAST once a week (every Friday), making sure to keep the story going forward, provide clues, badguys to fight, whatever. Everyone's expected to respond/post at least once a week so I know they're still playing. Unless you let me know you need some time off, I'll assume that if you aren't posting, you aren't interested in playing anymore.

I hate rules, and that's the only one, really.

If you want to have the character say something, type her/his name followed by their dialogue, like this:

Robin: Gee, Steph, you didn't expect me to show up with you to Lamaze class as Robin did you?

((if a character's id is known to everyone, feel free to post as either their superhero id or their public one. ))

If you want to do an action. simply say you're going to do it, bracketed by asterisks, like this:

Ultra Boy: *punches Lightning Lord in the nose* , *winks at Tinya* etc

unless you try to do something way out of your league (*karate death-grip Darkseid*), it basically will happen

if you want or need to speak out of character or ask something out of character, do this:

Dave: ((Mark, just get me the basics on whichever characcter you choose as soon as you can, no hurry))

((if supergirl's Kara, what about the new one?))

she never happened..

Anyway, that's it, really basic, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll get to them ASAP.