Real Name: Thom Kallor
Homeworld: Xanthu
Occupation: Wandering Hero
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (None so far mentioned)
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tanned

DC Heroes Stats
DEX 11 STR 20 BODY 8
Powers: Disintegration 7 (difficult to activate), Flight 12, Gravity Increase 15, Gravity Sense 7, Heat Vision 10 (causes pain), Hyperflight 34 (works only in space), Radio Communications 5, Sealed Systems 12, Skin Armor 11, Telescopic Vision 10, Thermal Vision 8, Ultra Vision 8, X-Ray Vision 8 (can’t see through lead).
Skills: Scientist 4, Vehicles (Space) 3.
Drawbacks: Guilt
Wealth: 2


In 2986, the planet Xanthu halted an asteroid on a collision course with itself. A pocket of cosmic dust that still eludes proper classification today was released causing children with amazing powers to be born in the next few years on Xanthu.

Although not officially know as such by the government, the super-kids of Xanthu chose their own group name, the childishly innocent title of the 'Uncanny Amazers', and lived an existence of learning, travel and opportunity unexperienced by most in the Rim Worlds, and even few in the UP. Keeping the spirit of their inspirators, the Amazer children gave each other code-names, such as Insect Queen, Splitter, Beast Boy, Gas Girl, Atmos, and Life Lass, and designed an ever-changing series of costumes to wear in their government-constructed 'HQ' (an upside-down space-ship that evoked the feel of a child's tree-house grown beyond it's occupants' best hopes).

Although the Amazers performed no actual super-heroics other than the occasional publicity engagement, Thom Kallor - going under the moniker of Star Boy - dreamed of travelling out into the Rim Worlds and UP to do good works for planets not as fortunate as Xanthu, which had prospered and grown through the funds from sale of rare ores and gemstones in the years since Brande's StarGates were opened. However, stern warnings from the Xanthuan Government had prevented him from doing so, especially with a faction of upper-echelon government policy-makers viewing the activities of impetuous Kal Brande of the UP with disapproval and considering censures against Xanthuan metahumans to avoid such difficulties. In spite of these warnings, as Thom grew older, he delighted in arranging rendezvous with non-Amazer metahumans, such as Atom'X, Kid Quantum and the Monstress; it was during one of these meetings that Thom's life would be changed forever.

In the fading years of 3000, a 13 year-old Thom Kallor learned the same truth that all Xanthuans learned; an enormous comet-like asteroid, similar to the one that had spawned the Amazers' powers yet many times larger would strike Xanthu around the turn into the Fourth Millennium. The Defense Grid was considered insufficient to deal with such a mass, and overtures to nearby worlds and the UP for assistance were met with obfuscation and apology. Determined to take a stand, Star Boy pleaded with his government mentors and parents to allow the adolescent metahumans a chance to deal with the comet; they were denied on the grounds that they could endanger what chance the Defense Grid would have of destroying the object hurtling towards Xanthu and needlessly endanger their own lives. While Millennial Fever rocked Xanthu as millions attempted to flee the doomed world, Star Boy made his choice, abandoning the Amazers and gathering his outsider friends (Atom'X, Kid Quantum & the Monstress) to combat the approaching threat. Of the Amazers, only Atmos and Splitter chose to accompany Thom and the others; some of the other Amazers were removed from Xanthu by desperate parents.

The patchwork team - self-titled the Heroes of Xanthu – was successful, with the comet being sufficiently broken down for the Defence Grid to handle; unfortunately, the members of the team were not as lucky as those on the planet's surface. Atmos was struck by debris, resulting in the reconstructive surgery that would result in his distinctive torso; Kid Quantum found himself powerless as the enhancement device that impelled his temporal abilities was destroyed; Splitter fell victim to the perils of space when his transuit was torn attempting to aid Thom, who was himself lost attempting to use his mass induction powers to gravitically direct and disintegrate sections of the asteroid comet.

Months passed, the Amazers and people of Xanthu mourned the loss of Star Boy and Splitter, and the 'team' was officially disbanded, carrying on only in an informal capacity as a meeting and support group for the former Amazers and 'Heroes of Xanthu'. It was only after routine maintenance was performed on the Stargate closest to the scene of the Heroes' efforts against the comet that a discovery was made. Clinging in a comatose state to the exterior of the satellite array, covered in the dusty residue of the comets' interior and bathed by the stellar radiation of the Stargate, Thom Kallor was found, transuit torn away and a sufferer of malnutrition and disorientation, but alive. His once simple power of mass induction had been enhanced and added to - Thom found himself a veritable powerhouse of Daxamite-class abilities without a team to support or cause to aid, lamenting that his decision to take on the comet had caused the deaths of James and Splitter, and Atmos' injuries. Thom spent almost half a year in hospital recovering from his ordeal and learning to use his new abilities, but he would never be the light-hearted figure he once was, scarred by his failure and the deaths of his friends.

There would be brief flashes of his formerly exuberant self, but Thom quickly settled into a grim and pessimistic mind-set, feeling trapped on a planet that was determined to keep him from using his new powers in the manner he desired. It was during his recovery period that Thom learned of the activities of Kal Brande of Earth, and his desire to assemble a team that could come to dwarf the childish aspirations of the Amazers. Adopting a new codename - Starbolt - inspired by his youthful Amazer moniker, Thom made up his choice and set out to locate the last Kryptonian. As soon as he heard the new groups's title, Thom knew he could try out for and become a useful and valued member of the team that would become known as... The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Thom’s first heroic act was to rescue farmers on the agricultural planet, Winath, where he also met Prince Garth Ranzz and Princess Ayla Ranzz of Winath and their friend, Princess Jeka of Orandoss. The four of them agreed to go forth together to seek out Superboy’s Legion!


Mass Induction: Thom can transfer gravitational energies from nearby stars to living and inert targets; increasing the rate of flow increases the objects' subjective weight. In rare cases Thom has been known to dump gravitational energy rapidly into an inert object, causing molecular collapse as atoms are crushed upon themselves; this use of his power manifests as a limited form of disintegration.

After his encounter with the Comet of 3000, Thom displayed a number of stellar based powers similar to those of the lost Daxamites. While in outer space, Thom can reach speeds beyond those of advanced spacecraft, and has no breathing or thermal requirements. He manifests a form of invulnerability that protects him from explosive decompression while in space; SP studies indicate that this 'invulnerability' may be susceptible to extremes of pressure if not kinetic impact.

Thom manifests heightened strength at almost Daxamite levels, yet his humanoid nervous system prevents him acting at the hyper-speed of a Daxamite or speedster. His reflexes are superhuman, yet he relies on his awesome flight speed in situations where pace is an issue. He possesses a wide array of vision powers (x-ray, telescopic, thermal), yet none of the more esoteric Daxamite senses (super-hearing, microscopic vision, super-smell). Another vision power that Thom possesses is that of laser vision; channelling the heat and light of nearby stars in a similar manner to his mass-induction power has enabled fiery blasts of laser-light from his eyes, accompanied by a brilliant halo, but its use is neurologically painful to Thom and he uses it sparingly. Thom suspects that occasional odd flashes of blurs and colours in his vision may be due to the manifestation of more obscure solar-related vision powers, such as gamma-, ultra-, and radio-vision, but these powers remain untested and untapped.