Brainiac 5

Real Name: Querl Dox
Occupation: Legionnaire
Home Planet: Colu
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Green
Height: 5'9"
DC Heroes Stats
INT 18 WILL 15 MIND 12

Powers: Recall 15
Skills: Detective 11, Gadgetry 22, Martial Arts 4, Medicine 5, Military Science 7, Scientist 22, Vehicles 5, Weaponry 11
Advantages: Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye
Equipment: BATTLESUIT [STR 8, BODY 12, Energy Absorption 8, Energy Blast 20, Flight 8, Force Field 20, Full Vision 8, Microscopic Vision 8, Power Reserve 10, Reflection/Deflection 8, Telescopic Vision 8, Thermal Vision 8, Ultra Vision 8, X-Ray Vision 8]
Wealth: 8

If Querl Dox was not the smartest man in the 30'th century, most people would agree that he came pretty close. Having been a descendant of the 20'th century Brainiac, through the villain's adopted son, Vril Dox, Querl was fortunately nothing like either of his ancestors. Being from the planet of Colu, Brainiac 5 used his intelligence for the good of his planet, doing his best to keep the planet safe: anything from destroying asteroids heading for the planet, to trying to cure potential diseases. After many years devoting himself to his planet, Querl told the high council that his talents should not be used just for Colu, and immediately left for open space. He saw the planet Rimbor being invaded and did all he could to help, joining with Jo Nah and Tinya Wazzo to defend the planet. Once the Legion arrived, Brainiac 5 was offered a chance to join.

Powers and abilities:
Brainiac 5 has phenomenal intellect and there is hardly anything that he can't build. He has built a battle suit for himself and trained himself in weaponry and marksmanship. The suit is something brainy always has on, though it may sometimes not look it. He has designed it so fold out and encompass him via a mental command.

Body armor. The suit provides Brainy with a heavy duty, laser blaster pistol whose upper limit has not yet been established and a shield that provides him with a near impenetrable force field. It also gives him energy absorption and deflection. Almost nothing can pierce the force field from the outside, but Brainy has adapted his blaster to fire out of the force field. The suit's helmet visor has been equipped to give him a variety of sensor capabilities.