Real Name: Luornu Durgo
Home world: Cargg
Occupation: Currently a Legionnaire. Formerly a body guard and a bounty hunter.
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes tentatively still associated with the Bounty Hunters Guild
Height: 5 " 8
Weight: 135lbs
Eyes: ORANGE:Amber, PURPLE:Lilac, NEUTRAL:Amber(R) & Lilac(L), COMBINED:Amber(R) & Lilac(L)
Hair: brown with reddish highlights

History: From infancy Luornu's parents knew she was different from typical Carggites. She has the ability to triplicate and unlike other Carggites, each of her bodies has its own personality and sense of being. Her family was horrified by this discovery and tried to keep her isolated and apart from other Carggites. They attempted to train her to act the same whether merged or separated. This worked for almost seven years, however in a public setting the girls had a fight with each other and others realized that there was something wrong with these girls.

The three were instutionalized and subjected to numerous tests. For almost three years the girls were subjected to numerous "tests" all in the name of science that would be considered hideous torture. Nothing broke their spirit and, eventually, they were able to escape from the Institute and their planet.

Luornu travelled to different planets and tried to blend in with other societies. After learning a variety of skills, she became a bodyguard. She impressed R. J. Brande and obtained a job protecting his pride and joy. However, when Kal's powers emerged, she thought her services no longer necessary and began to take on more bounty hunting cases. When she worked with Kal, he never knew she was a Carggite or that she had sisters. She kept that part of her life very private.

Powers and Abilites: Like other Carggites, she can triplicate. Each part of the Triad has its own thoughts and ideas. However, when they "merge" their separate experiences are shared and "learned". On several occassions each girl has took a different class or training and then, due to the sharing, each became fluent in that area. The Triad know numerous self-defense techniques, are very skilled with computers and equipment, and have almost a photographic memory.

Purple is the heavy of the group and very protective of her sisters. Amber is the emotional one and the one who was subjected to the more "experimentation" during their time in the institution. Neutral tries to keep peace and is the balance of the two.

DC Heroes Stats


Powers: Recall 10, Split 2 (attributes do not go down but Purple gains Aura 6 while Amber drops to Aura 2)
Skills: Detective 5, Gadgetry 4, Martial Arts 6, Vehicles 3, Weaponry 5
Advantages: Connection (Underworld, high-level), Scholar (Computers)
Wealth: 4