Kent Shakespeare

Kent Shakespeare
Name: Richard Kent Shakespeare
Alter Ego: None Yet
Occupation: Legionnaire
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Robert Shakespeare (Father), Laura Shakespeare (Mother)
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super Heroes
Base of Operations: 30-Century Earth
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey
Age: maybe 19

History: Richard Kent Shakespeare was raised by warmly supportive Parents in the New Rochelle district of Metropolis. His upbringing gave him a strong intuitive sense of right and wrong, and an unwavering commitment to those values, even if sometimes he is at a loss to explain them intellectually. During his childhood, Kent was everyone's favorite. He was the star athlete in all sorts of sports from Gymnastics, to track, to football. Strangely the only sport he seem to avoid was any kind of martial art. He was a favorite with the teachers since he was an exceptional student with a true desire to learn. His all around good nature and charisma made him popular with the student body. Kent also has a strong empathy for outcasts and misfits, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to defend the persecuted. Which he had to do from time to time. It was also at this time Kent took to wearing glasses that he does not need, to avoid the stereotype of a dumb jock.

After school he enrolled at Metropolis University to study medicine. His intent was to become a doctor. He also continued in his love for sports and was on many of MU's teams. While in his junior year of his Undergraduate degree, he and several other students were exposed to a virus in the lab. He was the only student to show symptoms. It was first thought to be psychosomatic, but later it was proved otherwise. Early symptoms demonstrated by Shakespeare included extreme fatigue, muscular and skeletal pain, low-grade persistent fevers, and loss of coordination. It was later proven that Shakespeare was being consumed and reconstructed in a similar but modified fashion by the virus. Blood samples and biopsy specimens have revealed intense concentrations of the virus. It is important to note that he is non-infectious, as the virus seemingly has mutated in such a manner as to affect only the host body. Now that the virus has finished its work, Shakespeare has been released for the hospital and has intentions of trying out for the Legion he has heard so much about on the vids. He hopes that would be the best way to help the largest number of people. He also plans to continue his medical training.

Powers/Weapons: Shakespeare encounter with the virus seems to have mutated his body in such a way that it is extremely adaptable. The virus seems to find new ways to protect its host from harm. Hence, when Kent takes injuries, they are rapidly healed. When he finds himself in a hostile environment, like underwater, in molten lava, or in space, the virus adapts his body to handle it. When exposed to a deadly disease, the virus counteracts it. Kent also has a current theory that if small amounts of the virus can be transferred to others it could heal people. He has yet to try this on any subjects, as he is concerned what the medical complications would be. He has a certain level of medical knowledge and scientific knowledge. He is also a very good athlete. Superb reflexes, strength, and endurance, the only weak area is that he is only a fair Brawler.

DC Heroes Stats

Powers: Adaptation 12 (activates automatically, only to defend against damage), Broadcast Empath 6 (not under Kentís control, only to make people like Kent), Damage Transference 6, Regeneration 12
Skills: Martial Artist 6, Medicine 8, Scientist 6
Advantages: Scholar (Sports)
Wealth: 4