Princess Jeka

Real Name: Princess Jeka
Home world: Orando
Occupation: Legionnaire / Lady Errant
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: King Arius IV (father), Queen Mitha (mother)
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: White (No Pupils)
Hair: White

DC Heroes Stats

Powers: (all Mystic Linked) Mental Illusion 13, Mind Probe 7, Telepathy 7
Skills: Occultist 5
Advantages: Connoisseur, Connection (Orandoss Government, High), Scholar (Courtly Behaviour)
Drawbacks: Authority Figure, Minor Rage, Miscellaneous: Technologically-Backward
Wealth: 12

The planet Orando, while backward in its technological development (it is still similar to Earth’s medieval period), has enjoyed centuries of peace, thanks to the magical protection afforded to it by its royal line. Princess Jeka is the latest of her line and her arcane talents are those of the mind.

Jeka was fascinated by the world’s and cultures of the universe and loved to travel among them. It was on one of her many journeys that she met Prince Garth and Princess Ayla of Winath, and the three of them became close companions for years. When the three of them had the chance to seek out the new Legion of Super-Heroes, they jumped at the prospect of new adventure and diversion while helping the less-privileged. Sadly, their excitement turned to ashes when Ayla was killed on their first mission.

Princess Jeka still stands with her long-time friend, Prince Garth, as a member of the Legion, but her youthful enthusiasm has been dimmed. She hopes to one day have a chance to battle the Fatal Five once again and re-pay them for the murder of her dear friend.

Powers and Skills:

Princess Jeka is a fair telepath, but her primary power is that of manipulating the minds of those around her. No one but the target of her power sees her illusions because she directly affects their senses. As her gift is magical in nature, it can be blocked by those forces that defend against spells.

Jeka is a cultured lady and a commanding presence. Her knowledge of the arcane arts is above average, she can conduct magical rituals, such as seances, and she can create magical artifacts as well.

On the other hand, don’t ask her to use a computer or other advanced device. She is happy to wear a transuit or ride in a space cruiser, but she has no desire to learn how to use modern technology with her own hands.