Kid Flash

Real Name: Jay Don Allen
Occupation: LSH Academy Student
Group Affiliation: Legion Academy
Base of Ops.: Legion Academy, Montauk Point, Earth
Known realtives: unnamed mother (deceased), Alan Allen (father, Flash), Wally Allen (brother).
Marital Status: Single
Height/weight: 5'11"/170lbs
Hair/eyes: Light Brown/Blue
Est. Graduation Date: June, 3002

Jay was born in the 22nd century. His father was the current Flash, his mom died shortly after his younger brothers(Wally Allen II) birth. She had died in a bank robbery while dad Alan, was busy with a supervillan. After that young Jay grew obsessed with tapping into the speed force to no avail. Several years later, while trying out for the track team (Jay was fast for normals but a slow poke for Allens) he heard that his dad was in trouble against Water Wizard near a floating city in the Atlantic.

Jay, swore that Wally would not lose both his parents and started running like nobody's business. He was at the coast before he knew it, and from his readings he knew if he was fast enough he could run on water. So he poured even more on and.... of course, joined the speed force. He wasn't nearly ready and so he ended up bouncing off it, but he speed was so great that he ended up several hundred years tooo late....

Remembering that his many great grand-pa Barry and Unk Wally could time travel- he even heard of the story of how Wally time traveled backwards due to his love of Auntie Linda. However the more he tries the longer the gaps in time, till he gets to the 30th century. At this point he realizes it is useless and visits the Flash Museum for the first time since he started bouncing. His sees what horrible dis-repair itís in and decides to find out what happened to his brother-whom he figured would carry on the lineage even if he never returned. Upon getting a translator unit, and hearing about the Legion and XS, he realizes that she was alluded to in Irisí book and he should start the family name again.

So he tries to join the Legion under the rarely used moniker of Kid Flash. Jay got the robot custodians of the Flash Museum to help him create his own Kid Flash custom before trying out for the Legion. Based mostly on the First Kid Flash uniform, it also has the yellow lightning bolts on the legs like Kid Flash II. He also added goggles. They are in the Kid Flash yellow and red, and resemble Cyclops( of the X-men) goggles- save for the fact that the opening in front is larger, so that people can see his eyes. Also the goggles being made in the 31st century are polarized so that Jay's vision is not tinted. Turned down, due to his inexperience, he is a recent enrolee at the Legion Academy on Montauk Point.