Real Name: Drake Burroughs
Home world: Earth
Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none (Orphan)
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Height: Variable
Weight: None
Eyes: None
Hair: None

DC Heroes Stats
Powers: Dispersal 30 (permanently on), Energy Blast 20, Flight 12, Hyperflight 34 (usable only in space), Invulnerability 12, Radio Communications 12, Regeneration 4, Sealed Systems 30, Self-Link: Energy Blast 15 (permanently on), Thermal Vision 12
Skills: Scientist 8
Equipment: CONTAINMENT SUIT [STR 8, BODY 16] Ruptures if Wildfire uses his Energy Blast power at higher than 16.
Wealth: 1


Drake is an orphan and as such was raised by the Brande Foundation for Children in Danger. The BFCD takes care of all children orphaned or in mortal or physical danger. Drake was almost a genius child and loved practical physics so much, especially quantum physics. As founder of the BFCD, R.J.Brande and his son, Kal, used to visit the foundation, and more than once Kal supported Drake investigations. One time, Kal protected Drake from a group of bruisers.

One day, Drake was working on a energy experiment using positrons & anti-protons(antimatter) when something went wrong. All of Metropolis could have exploded if Drake hadn't had the presence of mind to use a plasma isolator on the lab, preventing the contact between mattter & antimatter... but even that wasn't enough to save him... Caught on the vortex of matter & antimatter contact, the body of Drake Burroughs was immediately destroyed.

For 3 days, rescue workers tried to break the plasma isolator without danger to rescue Drake, without success. If the plasma isolator was broken, the antimatter would’ve broken free and had catastrophic effects in contact with the matter. Then, an amazing thing happened. The rebuilt Drake communicated with the rescue workers via specks of the plasma isolator.

A plan was designed by the most intelligent sentient beings in the UP. Drake incorporated into his new "body" all the electrically-charged particles (protons & electrons) of the lab, creating a vacuum, and molding the plasma isolator around his "body". Then he was sealed into a containment suit originally designed for explorations near stars. The media called him "a being of wild fire" and so, Wildfire was born!

Because Wildfire wants to help and has strange powers, he looked up the people who were most friendly to him: R.J.Brande and his son, Kal, and thus became aware of the Legion!


As an "energy" being, Wildfire is invulnerable, because he could use the surrounding electrical charged particles to rebuild his body. Besides, his containment suit was designed to keep its wearer safe near a star, so is really hard to scratch. Also, Wildfire can change the electrically-charged particles near him, creating a kind of "energy beam". He can fly using the electrons in a jet reaction fashion, even travelling faster than light in space. Wildfire "sees" and "hears" on different spectrums than humans do. Because Wildfire has not a physical conventional form, probably his power is infinite, but limited only by the plasma isolator between his "body" and the suit. Only time will tell if the power of Wildfire is limitless, or if he eventually will decay and dissolve into space.


Wildfire doesn't want to be a hero. He just wants to get a life again! But from his first mission with the Legion, his powers have been very useful, so he doesn't know when to stop. In the meanwhile, he continues his research, trying to be normal again... mostly because he misses being normal but also partly because he fears the temptation of immortality and absolute power.