Real Name: Dirk Morgna
Home world: Earth
Occupation: Legionnaire
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry-blonde

DC Heroes Stats


Powers: Energy Absorption (heat/light only) 10, Flame Being 5, Flame Immunity 10, Flame Project 12, Flash 12, Shade 10
Skills: Charisma 6, Detective 3, Scientist 6, Vehicles 9
Advantages: Rich Family, Scholar (Western Tri-Vids)
Drawbacks: Minor Irrational Attraction to showing off, Minor Irrational Fear of the dark
Wealth: 8


Dirk was raised by his father, and though quality time with dad was sparse, Dirk did have the benefits of a pampered lifestyle. Left to entertain himself, Dirk turned to his father's massive collection of tri-D's and became especially enthused by the 20th century westerns. Envisioning himself as a latter day cowboy, Dirk entered adolescence with Tex Ritter, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne as his role models.

Dirk gained his powers while working at a research reactor plant run by his father. Dirk was hired, unwillingly, to work in the maintenance/clean-up crew, but soon drifted into a fantasy world where he was a member of the security crew. Time and again, young Dirk would leave his assigned duties unfinished and rush to the 'aid' of the plant security force, in his words...heading them off at the pass.

When an accident caused by a Dr. Zaxton Regulus killed a young stock boy, the elder Morgna fired Regulus on the spot. Regulus, craving revenge, later sneaked into the lab and had his robots beat Derek Morgna unconscious and throw him unprotected into the reactor. Security was called as soon as the deed was discovered and, as usual, Dirk trailed along. Discovering his father's plight, young Dirk attempted a rescue, having slipped away from the security team assigned to stop just such a foolish move on his part.

Dirk managed to drag his father's body from the reactor before collapsing unconscious. Upon awakening from a coma several weeks later, Dirk discovered he had been changed by his time in the reactor. At first he exhibited only an ability to generate bright light, however, as time passed and Dirk practiced, his ability to generate and control heat as well, became evident.

Donning a red and yellow costume (the colors really accented his shoulder length blonde hair), and affixing a star in the center of his chest (the good guys always wore stars), Dirk began calling himself Supernova (the brightest star in the universe) and applied for and was accepted into the Science Police Academy. Dirk, who keeps an apartment in Metropolis as well as his Academy quarters, is considered one of the city's most eligible bachelors (at least by himself). While not training to be a Science Police officer, he studies advanced sciences at Metropolis University.


Supernova can generate bright blinding light and searing heat at will. He has been known to make pictures and letters in the air with his powers so his control is finely-tuned. Itís likely he can absorb light/heat-based energy, up to and including lasers.

Dirk has received basic training in the Science Police Academy and studied advanced sciences at Metropolis University. He is also a top-notch, highly-rated spaceship pilot.