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Welcome to HAR Ranch!

A casual remark in 1992 between friends PJ and Karelin saw the start of a budding partnership and a combination of talents.They took what they knew of showing horses, miniaturization, writing, photography, a flair for graphic design and wood working, with a smidgen of bookkeeping thrown in; mixed it up with laughs and a willingness to put in long hours, perfectionism, creativity, constructive criticism, and a shoe-string budget and PK Kustom Designs was created. In 1998, with a number of gallery shows displaying Karelinís western photographic studies and PJís custom frames, two Dutch Oven Cook Books and two Photography/Poetry table top books self published under their copyright on their heels, and with numerous graphic designed calendars, note cards, unique business cards sported by their customers adding to their resume PK Kustom Designs found the world of Breyer horses. It was perfect !!!! It was the business undertaking where they could combine all their talents on one subject .... that of doing customized horses ... an animal which they both loved very much. Step in Momma Ruth, PJís mother, with her talent of many years of doing numerous things in miniature and her love of creating. Stir it all up and HAR (HorsiníA Round) RANCH was born.

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