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Graywolf Enterprises

Vintage and Newer items for Trade (some for sale).

To order, please e-mail the items you are interested in to . Due to Spam, the link had to be removed. Please copy address and manually enter address for info. Thanks

Please include your location (state and Zip Code) for shipping quote. I'll check stock and advise of status and shipping costs. Sales in the United States only.

At this time, the only form of payment I accept are U.S. Postal Money Orders. Other types require a bank to deposit them and wait for payment, Postal M.O.'s can be cashed at any Post Office, and are easier to trace if they are lost or damaged. Items without prices are for trade only.

I also trade sometimes, e-mail your request for details.

Screw-on Copper braid $0.25 cents a pair, $18.00 for a box of 720 pair

Cox controller wire harness,NOS. $2.50 ea, or a bag of 10 for 25.00

Cox axel Acorn Nuts for tapper axels (Chaparral, etc). pair. NNB

Water Decals, your choice, Ford or Chevrolet. 2 on a sheet, $1.00 per sheet

Parma Collector Cars:

Parma Bill Elliott McDonalds Car, New MIB PT# 448 SE. $49.99 SOLD OUT

Parma 30th Anniversary Car, New, MIB PT# 430 SE $39.99 SOLD OUT

Above cars are Ready to Run, with the original decals. They are New in the Box. Quanitys are Limited.

Vintage Slot Parts:

Cox-Firestone Front tires, for BRM and other wheels. NNB Pair

Associated Bodies (Clear), with tool-box decals. $6.00 each

  1. Matra SS
  2. Lola 2 SS
  3. Lola Long SS
  4. Ferrari SS
  5. Nissan SS

Revell Cheetah 1/24 Butaryte, with Driver bust and decals. NNB each

Above Bodies are 1/24 unless noted


  1. K&B Bobcat 36D Endbell Drive. NNB $11.00 ea
  2. KMK Mabuchi 16D Endbell Drive , blind can bushing Russkit "22" Clone. Fits cars requiring the Russkit 22, as well as cars that use the Cox TTX-50 motor. NNB $21.00 ea. SOLD OUT
  3. Tyco 12V Inline Motors NNB $6.50 each
  4. Strombecker Hemi 300 Rewind kits. NIB $22.50 ea. SOLD OUT


  1. Twinn-K Super 80 Brass Chassis. Some tarnished, NIB $7.00 ea
  2. Tradeship Controllers PT#204. These are original thumb type, some have brakes already wired. NIB

Strombecker 1/32 Scale

  1. #9153 Chicane Obstacle. SOLD OUT
  2. #9205 (Bachman) Curves (2 per box). $12.50 per box. Bridge-track w/sides. Trade NIB. Converging curve NIB (one section per box, you need the converging straight to make them work. Requires 3 sections to make a 180 degree curve
  3. #9230 LeManns Start Track. NNB $12.00


    Cox Gears:

    24, 26, 29 Tooth Crown. $1.50 ea. NNB 30, 32, 34, tooth Spur. $1.50 ea. NNB

    47 tooth Spur. $3.50 ea. NNB

    Classic Crown Gears:

    39, and 41 tooth crown. $2.75 ea. NNB

    Tradeship Crowns. 37 tooth Delrin. $1.00 NIP

    Brass Pinions

    For 078 motor shaft 6, 7 tooth short (Buzco-type), 7 Tooth Long, , 8 short, 8 long (Revell-type), 12 tooth. $.55 ea. NNB

    Plain Steel Axels. 1/8. 2.25 long. $1.25 each. NNB


    Aj's Twinn-K. Brass. Will fit some Revell cars. Indext. $7.75 card of 12 pair.

    Bachman 1/32 Scale Cars:

    Trans-Am, Lighted. Black with Gold trim (like 1979 Firebird). $20.00 ea

    Camaro # AA16209. Non Lighted. Blue Z-28. 70's style. $20.00 Ea.

    New Additions

Tyco Magnum 440X2 Pit Crew Set Car 'N Crew. # 33571 Kellogg's #5 Labonte. $16.50 NIB

Tyco / Mattel Wheels Magnum 440X2 #33728 McDonalds/Bill Elliott Taurus. $12.50 NIB

Tyco / Mattel Wheels Magnum 440X2 #34018 Hot Wheels Twin Pack (Hot Wheels Grand Prix and Team Pick-up Truck). $22.50 NIB

Above items are priced in U.S. Dollars, Most track is NIB (New in box), additions to list as they become needed.

If you have any questions, please email at . Sorry to have to remove the click-link, but the spammers copy them for JUNK e-mail.

All prices plus Shipping and packaging costs. Orders shipped First Class Mail-Insured when possible.


Prices subject to change without Notice.